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Camille Grammer’s worst fears came true on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

The California wildfires claimed her house, mere moments after she thought she was in the safe zone. 

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However, mother nature had other plans, and the wind shifted direction, obliterating her home in the process. 

The other housewives were sunning it up in Provence, France during the installment, and they were upset to learn about Camille’s home. 

Then there was Denise Richards, who was praying her home was safe. Thankfully, it was, but that’s not to say her Malibu neighborhood was completely unscathed. 

Back in France, Kyle opened up to the group about previously suffering from anorexia. 

It was something Kyle had kept well away from her daughters, and she struggled to hold back the tears as she revealed all. 

Kyle subsequently revealed that she once weighed under 100lbs, and would eat a handful of almonds a day. 

On a more harrowing note, she said that people complimenting her appearance made her eat less and less because she felt she had to keep the skinny figure. 

Yikes, right?

Kyle Richards at 2018 AMAs
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"I feel really weird even saying this now because I’ve never, ever talked about this, not even to my daughters, which is why I’m staying quiet because I feel weird," Kyle began.

"When I was younger, I had my own problems, but I never wanted to say it because I had my daughters, and I never even wanted that in their head."

"It started when I was 17," she continued.

Kyle Richards Is Not Impressed
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"I was on a TV show, and I didn’t like — they kept putting me in these big things, and my boobs were big when I was young."

"And it was like, my sisters were tiny and cute. Everybody was blonde, blue-eyed and skinny. I said, ‘I don’t like my wardrobe.’ And they said, ‘Well, lose some weight, and we’ll put you in cute wardrobe.’"  

Kyle later revealed that the inspiration to open up about her eating disorder was that Lisa Rinna’s daughter, Amelia, was going through the same thing. 

"I can’t just pretend that I don’t know what that feels like," she said. "So, guess what? I had an eating disorder when I was younger."

Kyle Richards Cries
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"People would compliment me, and the more they complimented me, the less I would eat," Kyle admitted.

"I would take V8 juice and put it in a bowl and heat it up, and that was my food. I was 99 lbs. I was like that for years."

"I mean, I remember times when I’d say, ‘I’m only gonna have six almonds today. That’s all. That’s what I’m gonna have.’"

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