Tarek El Moussa: Getting His Very Own Show on HGTV!

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Last fall, Christina El Moussa was spotted filming her very own showChristina on the Coast.

It was a huge deal to the Flip or Flop star and to her many fans.

Now, Tarek's the one who has reportedly landed his own series.

Tarek El Moussa on Instagram

RadarOnline reports that Tarek El Moussa is getting his very own HGTV show, just as his ex-wife has done.

"He’s excited!" an insider dishes to the tabloid.

Apparently, a key element of his enthusiasm is that this will be a starring role -- he won't be a cohost.

As the source explains: "It’s just his show."

That would be cause for celebration for anyone, right?

Tarek El Moussa in Texas

Fans got to know Tarek alongside his wife on Flip or Flop.

According to the insider, this series will be "a little different" than what fans have seen of the El Moussa family before.

The series is said to follow Tarek in his role as a newly single dad, finding his way through life.

Tarek's show will reportedly premiere later this year.

This is exciting stuff -- for Tarek, and for his countless fans.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa on HGTV

Obviously, Tarek is not the first El Moussa to land his very own HGTV series.

Christina's very own show, Christina on the Coast, actually premiered recently.

Beginning on May 23, the series is set to air for eight weeks.

At the risk of lessening Tarek's accomplishments, we have to wonder if HGBT greenlit his show after seeing a positive reaction to Christina's spinoff.

Sometimes, solo acts don't work, no matter how popular the original ensemble was. (Anyone else remember Joey?)

But clearly the network believes in the power of the El Moussa brand.

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Image

Of course, Christina and Tarek are still cohosts.

Despite their lengthy, bitter divorse -- which wasn't finalized until last year -- the two remain the stars of Flip or Flop.

And despite this pair of spinoffs, Flip or Flop is expected to continue.

So long as the hosts can get along on camera, it makes sense to keep the series afloat because viewers love it.

And the show that made them famous isn't the only thing keeping the El Moussas in touch with one another. ...

Christina, Tarek, Daughter

Tarek and Christina share two young children.

Together, they have a daughter named Taylor and a son named Brayden.

Even during the divorce itself, when the two were otherwise avoiding each other, they made efforts to coparent effectively.

Due to some family contention, they would sometimes hold separate celebrations for the same event.

For Brayden and Taylor, however, that meant double birthday parties. Not exactly a nightmare.

Tarek El Moussa on Insta

Tarek El Moussa has recently spoken about becoming a new man after being "broken" by his widely publicized divorce and by his cancer battle.

As with Christina, it will be very interesting to see how he handles a show on his own.

We have a sneaking suspicion that he'll do well.

Right now, we're just hoping to see official confirmation that this is a real thing that is happening.

Announcements are great for washing away all doubts.

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