Amanda Seyfried Defended by Fans After Nude Pics Surface

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From Mean Girls to Jennifer's Body to Mamma Mia, Amanda Seyfried has impressed audiences with her stills and style.

Unfortunately, thanks to a leaked photo of her performing a sex act, people are also praising her for things that were never supposed to become public.

But fans on Twitter are riding to her rescue and emphasizing that revenge porn is never okay -- even if it also embodies your life goals.

Amanda Seyfried in Shanghai

Over the weekend, a leaked photo surfaced that appeared to show Amanda Seyfriend performing a sex act.

The image allegedly shows the actress performing oral sex while floating in the ocean with a gorgeous sunset behind her.

The 33-year-old mother did not release the photo herself.

Rather, it appears that someone accessed the man's phone and then, for whatever malicious reason, decided to publish it for the world to see.

This is a terrible situation, but the one positive is that the cultural response shown on Twitter is so much better than it would have been just a few years ago.

Amanda Seyfried at the Gala

"What I love about this Amanda Seyfried situation," observes one tweeter. "Is the amount of people hyping her up instead of slut shaming."

There were some people who condemned her because they didn't care to see the photo, but even more came to her defense.

"Wait... people are mad at Amanda seyfried for LEAKED photos of her giving head in the middle of the ocean?" one asked.

That same tweet continues: "as if that isn’t that power move of the century. I have to laugh."

Amanda Seyfried Image

Others were not in a laughing mood.

"I’m sorry they got leaked though," laments one tweeter. "That’s a disgusting invasion of privacy."

"She clearly loved him," expresses another. "That private intimacy SHOULDN’T have been shared."

"[It] is also a reminder that those photos were more than likely not for everyone to see," suggests another.

"For the sake of her privacy, don’t share them!" implores another tweet. "Celebrities are people too!!!"

"Let #amanda seyfried suck d--k in peace," demands another tweet. "Mother f--kers just ungrateful."

"I’m not here for revenge porn," states another, who then clarifies their stance.

The tweet continues: "Normal porn is great, revenge porn is mean, ignorant, & in some places ILLEGAL."

Very true!

That same tweet admonishes: "Leave Amanda Seyfried ALONE."

"Honestly, seeing those Amanda seyfried pics resurface," says another. "I didn’t think negatively about her."

That is great! Sex can be a wonderful thing.

The only problem here is that the photo was shared without her consent.

The tweet continues: "I thought negatively about me for never s--king d--k on a paddle board."

Hilariously, the tweeter concludes: "I’m just some wack b--ch who gave car head and s--t ..."

Others sidestepped the leaked photo element to praise Amanda Seyfried's choices and lifestyle.

"I wanna give head on a kayak at sunset wtf," tweets another. "Why is Amanda seyfried living her best life."

"Amanda Seyfried giving head on a surfboard in the ocean with the sunset behind her is where I want to be in life," writes another.

"I am in awe of someone having that kind of balance on a paddle board & stay ON TASK," praises another. "I get vertigo on an escalator."

"And she’s on the ocean doing her thing," that same tweet continues. "Don’t hate."

amanda seyfried tweet about revenge porn policies

In a now-deleted tweet allegedly made by Amanda Seyfried herself, she clarified that the photo was taken on a paddleboard.

The same tweet said that the photo was on his phone, not hers, and should have been deleted.

Something that Seyfried tweeted and still has up is an article about steps that social media platforms have taken to block revenge porn and leaked nudes.

It is clear that she wishes that Twitter would make it more difficult for nude photos to be continuously distributed.

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