The Walking Dead Recap: Michonne Killed WHO?!

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After years of circling the drain, The Walking Dead is very much watchable again. 

Who would have guessed it? Not us. 

Sunday's episode of the AMC smash was  Michonne centric hour that gave us some much-needed insight into why the sword-wielding beauty was so against bringing new people into Alexandria. 

Michonne on a Mission

The episode kicked off with a heavily pregnant Michonne still scouring the area Rick was taken from.

At that same area, she found Rick's gun, but on another, she encountered Daryl who revealed that he followed the river to the ocean and there was no sign of the former leader of Alexandria. 

“I ain’t gonna stop looking,” said Daryl. “Not ever.”

Back in the present, Michonne was taken aback to learn that Daryl was at the gate with Henry, Connie, Dog, and Lydia. 

Aaron was against letting anybody in, but it was Daryl, so Michonne gave them safe passage to allow Henry to get fixed up. 

Daryl Reasons with Alpha

The idiot teenager was still complaining about his cuts and bruises. 

Back in the past, Michonne and the rest of Alexandria were startled by some new arrivals at the gate. 

One being Jocelyn, an old friend from Michonne's past. Jocelyn wanted to find the kids she left behind, but she was injured. 

Michonne took one of the kids with her in a team to track down the other kids. They found a bunch of young children. 

Michonne was quick to point out back at Alexandria that the kids were well trained in survival skills. 

Michonne Argues With Negan - The Walking Dead

Jocelyn said that the adults with them "just… broke. The children… they grow, they learn, they’re capable of anything.” 

Okay then. 

Things took a wild turn when Jocelyn hosted a sleepover for the kids and Michonne and the other parents went to look for their kids in the morning. 

They were gone. Their supplies were also exhausted, and an Alexandrian was murdered. 

Michonne went with Daryl to locate the kids, but it was clear the former was cut up about trusting newbies. 

“Some people just got so much evil in their hearts, they hide it like they’re wearing a mask or something," Daryl told his friend. "This is on her.”

Daryl and Michonne were subsequently captured. Jocelyn followed this up by telling the kids to brand the pair. 

The pair got free after being branded, but one of the kids slashed Michonne's stomach and that's when our hero went crazy and obliterated the others. 

Michonne Reasons With Maggie

All that was left was young Winnie who was tasked with killing the Alexandrian kids. Michonne pleaded with the child and all seemed right in the world. 

Back in the present, Michonne urged Lydia to return home. 

“I’ve made my peace with that. Might be easier if the only life I had to risk was my own, if I could just walk away and… make everyone else safe," Michonne told the young Whisperer.

"Now that wouldn’t be so hard. Think about that.”

After Daryl and his crew left, Michonne's worst fears seemed confirmed. Judith was gone, and she had run off to help others. 

Henry Goes After Lydia - The Walking Dead

Michonne managed to save the youngster's life, and finally opened up about Jocelyn, but Judith remembered exactly what happened all too well. 

Michonne later said that they would go to the Kingdom and met up with Daryl and the others, but Whisperers noticed the Kingdom existed and went back to tell Alpha. 


What did you think of the episode?

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The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. 

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