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It was the end of the line for Danielle Staub on Wednesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Margaret Josephs who has long advocated for Danielle to be part of the group decided enough was enough, and that their friendship was at breaking point. 

Instead of getting into another altercation, Margaret opted to send a text to end her friendship with the former series regular, effectively cutting her out of the action. 

Margaret Josephs On The Real Housewives of New Jersey

"She’s wacko," Margaret complained to her co-stars, before going on to reveal how the text exchange played out, and it was as ugly as you would expect. 

"I wish you a happy life. Never speak to me again," Margaret said to Melissa Gorga and show newcomer Jackie Goldschneider as she skimmed her phone for the damning messages. 

"I can’t believe you’re this person, shame on you," Danielle fired back before going on to wish Margaret a happy mother’s day. 

While that final act sounds like Danielle’s way of being nice, it was not. If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Margaret hasn’t had the best relationship with her kids. 

She has been vocal about the breakdown of her previous marriage leading to a decline in communication between her and her ex-husband’s children. 

Danielle Staub Smiles

It was a typical Danielle move, but at least Margaret was wise enough to let the snake down gently by SMS. 

Hell, Danielle was out for blood on last week’s installment when the two Joe’s got talking about her intentions with her then-husband. 

"I didn’t answer. We’re done. We’re never having this fight again," Margaret said to the women after spilling the beans. 

"Denial is a real thing, and she f***ing is Cleopatra," she said with a smirk. 

As for the other relationship that was on the rocks, that was Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider. 

Giudice was ready for a war of words. That’s what happens when you bring her family into your petty squabbles, Jackie. 

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

"I’m definitely not intimidated by Teresa. I just hope it’s not another scream-fest," Jackie fretted before a one-on-one meeting with her nemesis. 

"What you did to me is not excusable," said Jackie of their previous bust-up, adding:

"I don’t get spoken to like that; I’m a grown woman, I have a lot of self-respect … I was like, ‘What the f***?’"

"Listen, you came at me first," Teresa shot back. 

But Jackie went on to imply that she and Teresa had something in common. Her father was in jail, and her mother was under house arrest. 

"We used to laugh about it," Jackie said, clearly trying to make light of the situation. 

"I’m living it right now," Teresa said. "My kids live with it every day. And it really hurts them that their father is not here."

Jackie Goldschneider Trashes Teresa Giudice

"I did not mean to hurt you, and for that I am sorry," Jackie ultimately said, with Teresa accepting. 

"Believe me, I’ve gotten more Namaste – I used to be a little bit crazier. So that was calm for me when I’m p***ed," Teresa said to close off the argument. 

While Margaret was washing her hands of Danielle, she didn’t realize she was gearing up for another big fight. 

Teresa later told the ladies that Jennifer Aydin’s brother and his soon-to-be wife "knew each other for two weeks and now they’re getting engaged."

"Ok, that’s a little crazy," Margaret said laughing.

Teresa said it’s part of the culture and that "they don’t sleep with each other and you get to know them when you marry them,’"

"What happens if he was a dud? That’s a life of torture," continued Margaret, adding:

"Oh come on, he met her in Turkey? She could be mail order."

Margaret Josephs


Teresa told Jennifer all about it and the latter said to Margaret:

"I can’t relate to people who have affairs with married people."

This is the season of the feud, and we’re living for it!

RHONJ continues Wednesdays on Bravo.