Lady Gaga FLIPPED OUT After Losing Golden Globe, Sources Claim

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The 2019 Golden Globes were held on Sunday night, and like most Americans, you were probably either unaware the ceremony was taking place at all, or your response was an apathetic shrug and a vague curiosity about what else is on.

But apparently for Lady Gaga, the Globes were like the Super Bowl, the Game of Thrones series finale, and a VFW meat raffle all rolled into one:

Lady Gaga at the Globes

As you're probably aware, Gaga starred in the 37th remake of A Star Is Born this year.

The film constituted a major step forward in her career, as -- having long ago conquered the music realm -- she now had an opportunity join the ranks of one-name icons like Cher and Madonna who went on to stake their claims in the world of prestige cinema.

A big part of announcing yourself to the world as a legitimate acting talent, of course, is making a splash during award season.

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And in that respect, Gaga stumbled out of the gate in her race toward the Oscars.

The pop icon didn't leave last night's ceremony empty-handed, mind you.

She took home the prize for best original song for "Shallow."

Lady Gaga Talks

But she's won a music Globe in the past.

This year, Gaga had her eyes on a different prize -- the best actress in a motion picture drama award that wound up going to Glenn Close for her performance in The Wife.

“She was flipping the f--k out afterwards and literally in tears,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Lady Gaga in Black with Tassels

“She had her acceptance speech ready and written and rehearsed and was certain that she was going to come home with several awards.”

Apparently, the singer's team led her to the mistaken belief that the category was a lock in her favor.

“Gaga was asked countless times what she was going to do when she wins and had it in her head that this was in the bag,” says the insider.

“When she lost she could hardly contain her tears. She was not happy at all and had to take a breather after to contain herself. She never thought she would lose to Glenn Close!”

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Obviously, there's no shame in losing to a legend like Glenn Close, but Gaga was under the impression that the Globes would solidify her place as a major actress.

Instead, the HFPA simply confirmed once again that she's a major musical talent -- a fact that was already universally accepted.

“She is grateful, obviously, for ‘Shallow’ taking home the award, but she was really certain that the movie would take home a bunch more,” says the insider.

The good news is, Gaga's film career is just beginning, and we're sure she'll have many opportunities to score some important hardware.


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