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With Jonathan Bennett and Ryan Lochte out of the house, it was obvious who the next target was going to be:

Joey Lawrence. 

In a rare turn of events, there’s a good chance that the first three evicted houseguests are all male, and it’s going to change the dynamic up quite a bit. 

Joey Lawrence on Celebrity Big Brother

Joey’s association with Ryan, Jonathan, and Dinah left him in a precarious position, and with a new HOH about to be crowned, it meant there was a chance he could keep himself safe. 

In the immediate aftermath of Ryan’s eviction, Lolo couldn’t help but turn on the waterworks. She may not have won gold in the Olympics, but she could sure as hell win a gold trophy for her acting. 

Lolo flipped the bird at Ryan just days into the game, so it’s utterly laughable that she thinks people are buying the whole "we were buddies" schtick. 

Joey wasted no time in starting up a new alliance consisting of himself, Dinah, Kandi, and Tamar. He pitched it, but not very well, and Tamar was not ready to jump ship. 

Tamar Braxton Poses on Celebrity Big Brother

Her statement on the matter was actually pretty darn hilarious.

“You wanna have an alliance with you, me, Kandi (who don’t like to do nothing physical) and Dina? Against the bootleg superhero? No, that’s not finna work, we’re gonna lose!”

Joey could have at least threw in a Melissa and Joey boxset to sweeten the deal, but the brains are most definitely lost on him. 

Natalie and Lolo realized that now was the time to win the HOH. The pair has been picking and choosing which competitions to try winning because they thought they were in a good spot. 

Kandi Burruss on Celebrity Big Brother

However, Ricky showed up to let them know that Joey wanted to target them, and it made the women realize that Joey needed to go next. 

The HOH competition found the houseguests competing to make their way through a haunted house to find a set of car keys in the fastest time. 

“I don’t do haunted houses, I don’t do no Halloween honey, I don’t do clowns, I don’t do snakes, I don’t do caterpillars, I don’t do birds, I don’t do none of that stuff that’s going to scare me, no, none of that,” said Tamar. 

Tamar followed that up by walking out of the house after screaming too many times. Yup, she threw in the towel at the competition. 

Kandi Burruss at 2017 Grammy Awards

After Tom won the HOH competition, Kandi wanted to know where his head was it, so she quizzed him about alliances he was in. 

He tried to turn the tables on her, and the conversation fizzled out. 

Tom, Kato, and Ricky later strategized and settled on Tamar and Kandi as the nominations, with Ryan being the backdoor target. 

However, Tom was now sketched out by Ricky and wondered just how long they would be able to trust him. 

Tamar Braxton on the Red Carpet

Before the nominations ceremony, the Power of the Publicist was unleashed on the house, giving one houseguest the power to keep themselves safe at one of the next two nominations or veto ceremonies. 

While Big Brother only confirmed it would get the houseguest out of a "sticky" situation, the victor was Tamar, and she learned all about it. 

In the end, Tom put up Joey and Kandi because he was worried that he would have to vote out one of his own allies. 

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Celebrity Big Brother continues Thursday on CBS.