J.D. Madison: Southern Charm Star Arrested for WHAT?!

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Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is being sued for sexual assault on top of the criminal investigation.

Thomas' buddy, J.D. Madison, has also been accused of a heinous sexual assault.

But his arrest over the weekend was for a charge that no one -- including Madison himself -- expected.

J.D. Madison Mugshot

Thomas Ravenel's "buddy" got carted off to jail over an alleged bad check.

TMZ reports that J.D. Madison was arrested on Saturday.

Police picked him up in Charleston, South Carolina after a warrant for his arrest was issued.

He was booked on a check violation charge.

Madison was eventually released on a $570 personal recognizance release.

His court date is January 23, 2019.

J.D. Madison Photo

The reason that no one expected for J.D. Madison to wind up behinds bars for writing a bad check is, well, obvious.

The guy is loaded -- or so we thought.

Online sources can definitely get things wrong from time to time, but the guy is estimated to have a net worth of $24 million.

Even if 90% of that worth is in property, he would still have more than enough liquid assets to stay out of financial trouble.

Madison was known to be one of the wealthiest people to appear on Southern Charm.

How does one of the richest dudes on a show that's about rich white people misbehaving end up behind bars for writing a bad check?

J.D. Madison, Seated

The arrest stems from an incident on September 12, 2017.

Apparently, J.D. Madison wrote a check to the Harvest Pure of Charleston for $875.33.

The check was deposited within 10 days, but was returned, either due to insufficient funds, inability to locate account, account closed, or stopped payment.

Madison was then sent a certified letter.

Court documents say that he never replied or made restitution of any kind.

Madison apparently claimed to the judge that he never knew about the warrant and that he would have taken care of this long ago if he had.

J.D. Madison

Of course, this is not the only 2017 incident that is haunting Madison.

A woman filed a police report earlier this year over an alleged sexual assault.

According to her accusations, Madison came to her home, drugged her, and that she awoke with him raping and sodomizing her.

That is absolutely terrifying.

Guilt by association is not a valid legal argument, of course, but many have found J.D. Madison and Thomas Ravenel's allegations very disturbing.

Madison's latest arrest is less upsetting, but still puzzling.

Patricia Altschul Shades JD Madison on Twitter

Everyone's favorite Southern Charm personality, Patricia Altschul, was quick to comment on J.D. Madison's latest predicament.

On Saturday, she replied on Twitter to the news of Madison's arrest.

"Our southern “gentleman “ are dropping like flies," Patricia tweeted.

Truth be told, Madison probably dropped in most people's estimation when he was accused of that horrific sexual assault.

Between Thomas Ravenel and J.D. Madison, Southern Charm may be at a breaking point when it comes to scandals.

That doesn't necessarily reflect upon the show as a whole. Ravenel and Madison are friends.

Water will always find its own level.

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