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The CW’s wildly popular Riverdale returned for Season 3 Wednesday night, and it was filled with more twists than ever. 

Archie was well and truly in the deep end thanks to being arrested for the murder of Cassidy. As you know if you watch Riverdale online, Archie was framed for the murder for cutting off Hiram Lodge. 

Poor Archie spent the whole summer in the courthouse as the murder trial got underway. He had Sierra McCoy on one side and his mother, Mary, on the other. 

Archie and Veronica's Final Date
Photo via Katie Yu/The CW

The prosecutor, Ms. Wright held no prisoners with her harsh words as she tried to paint the red-headed teen as a villain, but Mary was adamant there was no evidence to suggest Archie was the killer. 

While that would make one think he would be set free, Sierra put his chances of walking free at 50-50. Yes, the justice system is screwed up. 

Archie used Labor Day weekend, which could be his final time being free, to de-stress and spend time with those who mattered to him the most. 

As such Varchie and Bughead made their way to a part of the Sweetwater River that actually allowed them to swim. Jughead made it clear that Archie could just skip town because, well, he would be free. 

KJ Apa as Archie Andrews
Photo via Katie Yu/The CW

But Archie recognized that he needed to switch things up because he could have gone as far as killing someone. 

Just when it appeared that Archie could be set free, he was offered a plea deal that would find him spending two years in juvie for manslaughter. 

Before anyone could process the offer, Archie grabbed it as though it was a free milkshake from Pop’s. As Archie was led away, everyone was blindsided, but Hiram was smiling from ear-to-ear because he always gets what he wants. 

A Romantic Moment
Photo via Katie Yu/The CW

Elsewhere, Betty was still trying to make sense of what was going on at the stupid farm her mother and sister found to be oh so brilliant. 

Betty wondered what the eff was going on when her family would not shut up about it. But things got downright creepy when she woke up in the dead of night to find Polly’s babies being held over a fire in a cult-like ceremony. 

What followed was the babies being let go and flying above the fire. Betty went out cold before she or the viewers could think about it. 

Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse on Riverdale
Photo via The CW

Betty was mad earlier in the hour about her drug supply being cut off. Could this be a hallucination, or something more sinister?

Meanwhile, Jughead was still finding himself in a lot of trouble while fighting the Ghoulies. The villains took his dog captive, and the Serpents made their way to Sunnyside to get it back. 

Thanks to some flawless archery skills from Cheryl, the dog was saved, but Penny went one step further and said she would wipe out the North Side. 

It’s game time!

Jughead Learns The Truth
Photo via The CW

Jughead’s worries were far from over, however. Dilton Doyle was going on about the mysterious Gargoyle King. He later went missing, and Jughead went on a mission (alone!) to save him. 

What he found was two teenagers stipped down and unconscious next to the shrine. It was creepy as hell. 

What the eff is going on in Riverdale?!

Riverdale continues Wednesdays on The CW!