Eric Trump: My Dad's Not a Nazi! YOU'RE a Nazi!

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Pet rocks. Pogs. White people wearing matching neon windbreakers for their annual family photos. Nazis.

There are many idiotic trends that we thought we'd left behind in the 20th Century, but alas, the most nefarious of the lot has reared its ugly head in recent years.

Eric Trump and Donald Trump

It wasn't all that long ago then accusations of Naziism in the American political discourse were thought to be the sort of histrionic mudslinging that could discredit an entire party or movement.

These days, they're more likely to be regarded as an objective assessment of a given situation, as real live Nazis are walking among us, gathering in large numbers, and flaunting their bigotry while rubbing elbows with the freakin' president.

It's tough to convince the American people you're on their side when you align yourself with the greatest enemies the nation has ever known, so it comes as no surprise that Eric Trump, one of the Large Adult Sons of President Donald Trump, doesn't like all this Nazi talk.

But you see, Eric's beef isn't that American white supremacists seem to have been emboldened by his father's administration.

Eric Trump Waves

No, his problem is that people won't stop giving his pops a hard time for getting the Nazis riled up.

As you may know, Eric has a reputation as the less-intelligent Trump brother -- which is a bit like being the most self-obsessed Kardashian.

It's almost impressive.

But we've often wondered if our perception of Don Jr.'s idiot sidekick is accurate, or merely the result of SNL sketches in which he's portrayed as a mouth-breathing manchild.

Fortunately, Eric has taken the matter into his own hands with a recent tweet that confirms he really is that dumb.

Eric Trump Tweet

Eric stamped his little feet and held his breath until he turned blue over the weekend, all because he was upset with a Reuters tweet about his father's canceled military parade.

"For anyone who questions the hatefulness and disgusting antics of the #MSM just view the accompanying picture from this @Reuters headline," Eric responded.

"Once again their propaganda is in full display. #JournalismIsDead #Disgusting"

Yes, his issue is not with the content of the article, but with the undoctored photo of his father.

Eric Trump Second Tweet

Hilariously, Eric left the tweet up after Reuters changed the photo because a video had been added to the piece, which must have left his followers even more confused than usual.

Fortunately, many who saw the tweet were quick to call Eric out, with many simply citing the caption Reuters applied to the image.

“U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he arrives at the Griffiss International Airport, for a meeting with supporters in Rome, New York, U.S., August 13, 2018," the caption read.

Yes, the outlet clearly indicated that Trump was waving, and the image article no longer features the offending image, but Big Eric is still big mad.

Ivanka Trump and Her Brothers

The funny thing is, for all of the unflattering photos of Trump that have been taken over the years, Eric chose a pretty innocuous one to get upset over.

If anything, he should be thanking Reuters for helping to shore up his family's popularity with the Breitbart crowd.

And besides, if any outlet really wanted to publish a photo for the purposes of making the Trumps look evil, they wouldn't need to be so subtle about it.

Let's not forget that Don and Eric love to kill elephants.

Though in fairness, you can't blame them for being jealous of beasts of such superior intellect.

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