Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Address Breakup Rumors on Instagram

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Last week, rumors that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had called it quits were everywhere on social media.

Miam stans took the news hard, of course, and they immediately set about trying to unearth evidence that the couple is still together.

Miley Cyrus Loves Liam Hemsworth

At first, such proof was hard to come by.

After all, Miley had recently deleted all of the content from her social media pages, thus making it extremely difficult to determine what had recently been going on in her life.

But Miley obsessives are a resourceful and determined lot.

And it wasn't long before they found the reassuring clue they were looking for.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold -- the rebirth of Miam.

The clip shows Miley and Liam rocking out together and looking very much like they're still a couple.

At one point, Liam pretends they're about to get in an accident (we guess that qualifies as humor), prompting a response of faux-outrage from Miley

"I'm gonna beat the..." Cyrus says, after realizing she's not about to die.

She stopped just short of threatening to beat the sh-t out of Liam, because such a sentiment wouldn't jibe Miley's family-friendly, THC-free.

Since you're interested enough to have read this far into an article about them, we probably don't need that it hasn't always been smooth sailing for Miley and Liam.

Ogling Liam

In fact, Cyrus and Hemsworth have broken up on multiple occasions.

And the length of their current engagement has sparked rumors that they're not totally certain about taking the next step together.

Sources say one of the conditions of their reconciliation was that Miley move on from her Bangerz days and the wild behavior that characterized that period in her career.

And it seems that for a while, she had no trouble doing as she was told.

She started dressing more conservatively; she stopped smoking pot; and she began keeping her more controversial opinions to herself.

All-in-all, it was a pretty depressing sight to behold.

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus Stare Vanity Fair Party Pic

But for some reason, lots of folks prefer this new and "improved" Miley, Liam among them.

But will she be able to keep her wild side on ice for the rest of her life.

We hope not.

Fans have speculated that Miley's decision to delete all of her Instagram content signals the start of yet another new "era" in her career.

Maybe we're for more bland, sun-soaked Colbie Callait knockoff stuff -- or maybe Miley will set out to remind us that she still can't be tamed.

Obviously, we're hoping for the latter.

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