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Rumors of Khloe Kardashian being engaged to Tristan Thompson are giving fans night terrors, and there might be some substance to those whispers.

Khloe has been spotted out and about sporting a huge diamond ring. On that finger.

Now an insider is speaking up — and may be confirming fans’ worst fears.

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Since Khloe is keeping folks in the dark, InTouch Weekly‘s source is setting the record straight about her new diamond ring.

"Tristan gave it to her," the insider confirms.

That’s big news, but doesn’t quite tell us if the ring signifies what people think — or, perhaps, fear — it does.

"She’s being coy about what it stands for," the source explains.

Oh, of course.

Khloe is being secretive, the insider says, "but everyone assumes it’s an engagement ring."

Kradling Khloe

"It’s the biggest ring I’ve ever seen," the source says in amazement.

There are some pretty large rings in this world, so it sounds like Tristan is really going out of his way to show Khloe that she’s the center of his world.

The source continues, suggesting that Khloe is gearing up for a major announcement.

"She is planning a huge party in a few weeks," the insider reveals. "Which she’s saying is for her birthday,"

Khloe’s birthday was, notably, last month. Remember? Kim Kardashian used social blackmail to force Tristan Thompson to unblock her on Instagram.

Khloe might be planning a second party, the source admits, "but my guess is that’s when she’ll tell everyone she’s engaged."

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

Of course, this news might result in more forced grins than genuine excitement from large swaths of the crowd.

"Ninety-nine percent of Khloé’s friends and family are against it," the insider reveals.

Perhaps because they have a hard time imagining that Tristan’s penis will stray less during a marriage than it did during her pregnancy.

Khlow, the source reports, is nonetheless "determined to have this wedding no matter what."

It sounds like she’s prepared to cut people out of her life if they won’t blindly support her questionable decisions. Yikes.

The insider warns that this whole thing could be one big "recipe for disaster."

A Khloe Kardashian Kiss

"Weddings are always full of surprises and unexpected snags," the source warns.

That is true. That’s one of the reasons for which they are so valued by reality television — the drama can be captivating.

Even ordinary weddings are tricky, the insider says, "but Khloé’s sounds like a ticking time bomb."

Normally, we’d say that we should wait until the engagement is confirmed to start worrying about the nuptials, but … what sort of drama are we talking?

The source suggests that "any one of Tristan’s groupie girlfriends could crash just to make headlines!"

Hopefully, Kris will have security to prevent just that from happening … unless it’s on camera for the world to see.

"There’s a rumor that Tristan wants Jordan to attend with Prince, since he’s True’s big brother," the insider says.

That would be Jordan Craig. But it’s hard to imagine her attending Khloe’s wedding.

Khloe and Tristan Thompson, All My Love

There might be even more drama if one of Khloe’s siblings refuses to participate.

"Kim might not even attend," the source says.

Kim has been firmly in Khloe’s corner — even though Khloe is not — over Tristan’s cheating scandal.

"She hasn’t forgiven him for cheating on Khloé while she was pregnant," the insider explains.

Tristan cheated with several different women and only stopped when he got caught, the source reminds us, "and Kim knows he’ll do it again."

It sounds like Khloe has more money than sense.