Christina El Moussa Turns 35, Boyfriend Declares His Love via Skywriting!

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Christina El Moussa has been enjoying her relationship with her hot AF boyfriend.

Clearly, Ant Anstead has been enjoying his time with the former Flip or Flop star, too. And he wants everyone to know it.

Monday was Christina's birthday, and he wrote his affection for her in the sky. Literally.

Christina El Moussa and Boyfriend Ant Anstead

Ant Anstead is Christina's hunky 39-year-old boyfriend.

Christina's birthday was Monday, July 9.

Anstead commissioned a skywriting message for the occassion, which reads: "I [heart] C."

He also gave fans and followers a glimpse, making his sentiments very clear to not just the countless eyewitnesses, but to everyone on the internet.

Take a look:

Christina El Moussa Birthday Love Declaration Sky Writing Ant Anstead

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this absolute LEGEND!!!!" Ant writes on Instagram. "35 today!!!"

"@christinaelmoussa," his post continues. "You make me laugh every single day!"

"You are crazy!" he writes, before quickly clarifying: "In a good way!"

Anstead writes that Christina is "an inspiration! You saved me! Oh and not too shabby for 35!!!"

Christina is famously gorgeous.

He signs his captions: "Love you, X." The X represents a kiss.

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead in Bed

In a separate post, Anstead told fans that he was surprising Christina for her birthday.

"It’s @christinaelmoussa birthday weekend," he announced with glee.

"So I’ve planned a few surprises." Anstead teased.

"Oh," he jokingly laments. "She’s so so so nosey!!"

Hey, that's human nature.

"#RoadTrip," Anstead tags, announcing: "Happy birthday to the single most amazing lady (now just sit back and chill....."

Aside from his tendency to flood every single caption with emoji after emoji, these are very sweet messages.

Christina El Moussa and Ant

Anstead also celebrated Christina's recent People cover.

"One of the most inspiring and hardest working (not to mention the damn funniest) ladies I know is the cover of this weeks @people magazine," Anstead announced with pride.

That is so cute, you guys.

"She is a walking testament that the strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us," Anstead continued. "But those who win battles we know nothing about!"

That sounds like he's talking about Spider-Man or something, but it sounds like he's just alluding to behind-the-scenes drama or perhaps to parenting struggles.

"Everyone has the right to be happy!" Anstead declares. "Everyone has the right to start again! I’m very proud of this lady."

He then makes sure that his followers understand why one of his innumerable emojis that he uses in every single caption on Instagram is, when he's talking about Christina, a unicorn.

"She lifts me," Anstead writes. "She is a unicorn."

Christina El Moussa, Boyfriend Pic

Sky writing and the use of sky banners has been used for many purposes.

Sometimes to deliver a pointed political message. Other times, for other campaigns -- there was a plane involved in the successful campaign to convince Amazon to save The Expanse.

But the most classic use of any sort of aerial message like that is romance. Anniversaries, proposals, and other happy occassions.

This time, Ant Anstead used sky writing to celebrate Christina on her birthday.

Next time, will he hire a plane to help him propose?

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