Sarah Hyland Shares Shocking Selfie, Explains Why She Was "Torn From Work"

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Without getting into specifics, Sarah Hyland has opened up like never before about her health problems.

And our heart aches for the Modern Family actress as a result.

Sarah Hyland at an Event

Over the past several months, Hyland has often had to combat chatter that she has an eating disorder, as fans have reacted with shock and dismay over her frail appearance.

The 27-year old has never discussed in great detail exactly what affliction she unfortunately has, but Hyland has confirmed she underwent a kidney transplant in 2012.

In a 2015 interview with Seventeen Magazine, she said simply that she was “born with so many health issues.”

These issues apparently struck again in a frightening manner this week, considering what Hyland shared on her Instagram Story yesterday, which just happened to be National Selfie Day.

(Yes, this is evidently an actual day now.)

“Sometimes a selfie is more than just a good angle or feelin cute," Hyland wrote as a caption to the disturbing image below.

"This time for #NationalSelfieDay, I’ve decided to share my truth. As painful as it is.

"So here is my face that was torn from work against my will. But I’m very grateful it was. Health should always come first.”

Sarah Hyland Shares Selfie

As you can see, Hyland's face is horribly and, we assume, painfully swollen.

In a second Instagram snapshot, Hyland wrote that she was hospitalized on Monday, June 18 -- and added that her beloved canine, Boo, knew something was amiss right away.

“Can’t wait to come back to my precious angel princess. She’s perfect and knows exactly what I need at all times,” Hyland penned alongside a video of the dog giving her kisses, adding:

"This was taken this past Sunday. Day before hospitalization. She was literally telling me to get treatment."

Again, it's unclear exactly what is the matter with Hyland.

But it's clearly pretty serious.

Sarah Hyland at Home

With Modern Family on hiatus, the actress was working on the comedy movie The Wedding Year when she became ill, an insider tells Us Weekly.

This latest incident comes just over a year after Hyland blasted critics who scoffed at her weight.

“My circumstances have put me in a place where I’m not in control of what my body looks like," she angrily Tweeted at the time, emphasizing:

"I am working hard to maintain my weight by eating as much protein as possible and continue to be STRONG and healthy.

"There’s no need to worry! I’ve been down before and I’ll probably be down again in my lifetime but I’m steadfast and solid and will conquer my obstacles.”

Sarah Hyland in Burgundy

Sadly, Hyland also has had to deal with tabloid speculating in the past about her appearance and whether she has had any plastic surgery.

"THIS MAKES ME SO MAD to have [doctors] give their opinion ON MY FACE is absolutely ridiculous and degrading," she tweeted in November, appropriately adding:

"F-ck off."

In this same (justified) rant, Hyland touched on her ongoing health struggles:

"I have had the worst medical year of my life and to create an entire article surrounding the question of if I've had plastic surgery is the MOST insulting thing.

"Adding insult to injury, you have NO IDEA what I have been through. And I have somewhat addressed these rumors already."

Addressing the magazine Life & Style, which ran the report questioning her looks, Hyland concluded:

People like you are the reason why young girls need to alter their face. MY face has been altered by LIFE SAVING medication. Take your "journalism" and use it for some good. FOR ONCE.

Perfectly said, Sarah.

We really hope you feel better soon.

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