Jill Duggar: Hiding Pregnancy From Fans?!

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When a Duggar woman gets pregnant, the whole world hears all about it.

But only after she hits the 3-month mark, of course.

Jill Duggar: Third Pregnancy Revealed?

Prior to that, it's all secrecy and subterfuge, and fans believe Jill Duggar is the latest to attempt and mislead them.

The speculation is based largely on the above photo, posted on Instagram by Jill's husband, Derick Dillard -- and the very strange way in which the image is cropped.

Why is there so much space above Jill and Derick's head?

Is Derick's sloppy editing part of an attempt to hide Jill's abdomen from the world?

It may be quite some time before we find out for certain, but as In Touch Weekly points out, the matter is currently being debated n the comments section of Derick's Instagram page.

"Is that an intentional crop?" asked one fan, who added a string of cry-laughing emojis for emphasis.

Jill Duggar Votes

Others poked fun at the fact that Derick has been fired by TLC, and encouraged him not to pursue photography as a career:

"His job is to procreate and raise closed minded ignorant offspring just as himself," commented one follower.

The pic may be what prompted the most intense scrutiny, but rumors of Jill being pregnant have been circulating for several months now.

Part of the reason for the speculation is the fact that Jill's been maintaining a slightly lower profile than usual.

But mainly the chatter stems from the observation that Jill is no longer breastfeeding, and thus, as a Duggar woman, it's time for Jill to put another bun in the oven.

Of course, as usual, the Duggars' defenders have been just as vocal as their detractors.

Jill Duggar as a Mama

"Seriously don't understand why people are being so mean on here. If you don't like them, fine, but why comment?" wrote one fan on Derick's pic.

"It's the same little nasty trolls with no life that just live to jump on everything the Dillards post," remarked another, adding:

"Satan is keeping his miserable people busy."

Of course, if Jill is expecting, it may be months before she makes her announcement.

The Duggars like to space out their big news, and Jill's brother, Joseph Duggar, just welcomed his first child with wife Kendra Caldwell over the weekend.

Add to that the fact that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child in a matter of weeks, and it's clear that Jill might be keeping fans in suspense for quite some time.

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