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Kat Von D got married to musician Rafael Reyes earlier this year, but the good news for this couple doesn’t stop there.

Because Kat is pregnant with their first child.

And they already know that they’re expecting a boy.

Kat Von D is Pregnant
Photo via Instagram

Kat Von D shared this photo of her, her baby bump, and husband and baby daddy Rafael Reyes on Instagram.

She kept her caption short and informative, writing:

“It’s a boy.”

She followed that line with a black heart emoji and tagging Reyes (in the captions, not on the image itself).

Congratulations are in order!

Kat Von D and Rafael Reyes
Photo via Instagram

Reyes, too, shared the image, writing:

“When I thought I had it all. Life gifts me with the greatest of joys!”

This is so sweet!

“We are pregnant and having a baby boy.”

Seriously, pregnancy announcements can get so touching.

“I love you @thekatvond and I’m ready to be a father to our son Leafar.”

Leafar is Rafael’s own first name spelled backwards. At present, his display name on Instagram is Leafar Seyer.

“Thank you my love our family comes first !!!”

As it should!

Kat Von D with Rafael Reyes
Photo via Instagram

Kat Von D rose to fame for her tattoo work and spent years as a reality star as a result.

Rafael Reyes is in the band, Prayer, but his musical legacy is far-reaching.

He is credited with the creation of the Cholo goth genre of music.

Talented musicians are rare enough, but people who form new genres are as rare as they get.

Given the artistic passions and talents of his parents, little Leafar is going to have some big artistic shoes to fill.

For those unfamiliar with how this whirlwind romance came about, don’t worry — we can catch you up.

Back in 2016, Reyes asked Kat if she would appear in one of his songs. This was when the two of them officially met.

Reyes was so inspired by their meeting that he wrote a new song, featuring EDM elements, and asked that she contribute vocals to the song.

That song, as you may be familiar, is “Black Leather.” Very appropriate. It appeared on the Young Gods album.

Kat, who has appeared in a number of music videos for different artists, also appears in the video for “Black Leather.”

Over time, they grew closer. In February of 2018, they became engaged … for one week.

They married on February 21. Sometimes, you both know what you want.

Kat Von D celebrates their union on social media, writing:

“Just wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words in celebration of my marriage to @prayers.”

She thanks her fans and loved ones … though none of them were invited.

“We love you all so much! It was a beautiful sacred thing to get married alone, just the two of us.”

They still wanted to celebrate with those closest to them, however.

“But are looking forward to planning a ceremony for our close friends [and] family soon.”

This very public message was overflowing with affection.

“Until then, we’re sending all of you so much love.”