Jeremy Roloff: Cell Phones Are Satan's Creation!

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Jeremy Roloff believes that cell phones may be a detriment to your health.

Not your actual health. He's not among those who think these devices may give you cancer.

But the Little People, Big World star is convinced that the use of one's cell phone may prove fatal to one's... love life?

An Embrace for Audrey


"Phones are ruining our love stories. I believe that the single most lethal problem concerning our love stories is our phones," Jeremy wrote on Instagram last week.

We'd point out here that Jeremy most likely wrote this statement on a cell phone.

And also that a majority of his followers, on whom he relies for various business purposes, likely read that statement on a cell phone.

But we don't need to -- because a handful of these same followers already pointed out the delicious irony at work here.

"Ummm...U do realize that you'd have like half as many followers without phone, right?" asked @ldwyer69.

Added @yeaheboos13: "Where would beating50percent be without our phones?!?"

(This is a reference to Audrey and Jeremy's "marriage blog," on which they sell many types of merchandise.)

Riding Jeremy

Jeremy tried to defend his anti-cell phone stance as follows:

"They are increasingly stealing our conversations, our romance, our contentment, our time, our special moments, and our attention. Which is everything healthy relationships need."

The TLC star went on to say:

"It’s a tragedy. It’s something we must control. And it’s immediate."

Many people have hearkened back here to the time that Audrey Roloff told fans Jesus wanted them to be on the Internet less frequently...

... in a message she wrote while using the Internet.

A Perfect Setting

We don't doubt that the Roloffs have positive intentions here.

There's certainly something to be said for checking one's phone less often and appreciating the moment while in the moment more often.

But it's a tad extreme to say that the "single most lethal problem concerning our love stories is our phones," as Jeremy does in this Instagram entry.

It's also a tad hypocritical when Audrey and Jeremy are on their phones ALL the time.

They are constantly updating their social media pages with photos of daughter Ember -- and, don't get us wrong, we're VERY happy they do this.

That little girl is such a cutie!

So Much in Love

We very much appreciate how candid Jeremy and Audrey can be online, but they need to come down off their soapbox at times.

They don't know EVERYthing about life and love and religion. They just don't.

"I just posted over on @beating50 about boundaries and phone usage," concluded Jeremy.

"If you want some good ideas on where to begin with controlling your phone instead of it controlling you - read the comments. Do you have phone boundaries?

"We’ll be sharing ours later this week."

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