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Back in November of 2017, Derick Dillard was fired by TLC after directing a transphobic tirade at fellow network star Jazz Jennings.

It’s the sort of thing people get fired for, so Derick took his lumps like a man, confessed to wrongdoing, and moved on.

Jill M. Duggar and Derick Dillard
Photo via Instagram

Just kidding, he threw a tantrum and convinced Jill Duggar to quit the show along with him.

So now the Dillard household is without a source of income.

But fear not, because Derick is one of those people who are convinced that politicians who hate poor people are totally gonna make an exception for them.

You know the type – they haven’t worked in 6 months, but instead of seeking employment, they spend their days washing the egg yolks off their hand-painted Trump sign because being white is more important than having a pot to piss in.

Anyway, while most of the family kept mum during the 2016 election, Dillard’s love of Trump has been the stuff of many an outspoken social media post.

Israel Dillard and the Wall
Photo via Instagram

Derick posted the above photo to his Instagram page earlier this week, and his caption has some fans up in arms.

“Israel helping Trump build ‘The Wall LOL," Derick wrote.

“I’m shocked that someone who preaches love is so racist. This comment reflects poorly on you and your family. I hope the rest of the Duggar family doesn’t support and agree with this comment," wrote one follower.

“I would love to know why a ‘missionary’ who ‘loves Jesus’ would be promoting pure hatred," commented another.

"Pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t be building walls, he was out washing the feet of those less fortunate and loving one another. How sad you promote Christianity but won’t follow it.”

Jill, Derick Dillard Pic
Photo via Instagram

Yes, the Duggars’ fan base is overwhelmingly conservative, but Derick may have failed to recognize that many of them are smart enough to understand that Trump is no conservative.

Blowing $1 billion on a functionally useless monument to racism, for example, doesn’t constitute sound financial planning.

Anyway, Derick’s not apologizing or deleting the offending post from his page.

That’s just not how D-Dill rolls.

In fact, he’ll probably double-down and use his son for more political "jokes."

Expect a Bill Maher-caliber gag about how just because one of his two sons is named Israel, that doesn’t mean Derick supports a two-state solution.

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