Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 Recap: Hold Back The River

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The outcome of surgery cannot be predicted. 

That became clear on Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 18 as Amelia, Koracick, Alex, and DeLuca worried that they were going to melt Noah's brain stem. 

His mother reluctantly agreed to try out the procedure on her son, but it seemed bizarre that Amelia kept quiet about it being experimental surgery. 

The surgery was trickier than ever could have imagined, and Amelia wanted to continue heating up the tissue, but Koracick knew they were already tempting fate. 

Koracick declined Amelia's request to heat up the head one last time, and she started vomiting because she realized just how difficult it all was. It probably gave her several throwbacks to her own experience with a tumor. 

In the aftermath, the kid was not waking up, and they all wondered whether they ruined his life. But the next day, he woke up and was happy again. 

Alex then walked in on a meeting between Koracick and Amelia. They were discussing the fact that Kimmie's surgery was being pulled because they could not guarantee her safety. 

Ameilia On Grey's Anatomy

Old Alex appeared, and he tried to attack Koracick. It was bizarre, but it showed Alex has gotten far too close to the case to be objective about it. 

Meanwhile, Richard struggled when he learned that his sponsor (Olive) was in the hospital with a DNR. 

“There are multiple options for dealing with liver failure,” he said as she admitted that she was ready to pass over to the next big thing. 

Richard turned to Meredith and Maggie and tasked them with saving her life. But Olive continued to worry about what Richard would do when she inevitably died.

“I need to know that he’s gonna get through this without a bottle,” she admitted to the siblings. 

Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy Season 14

In the final few moments, Meredith learned that one of the lab rats grew livers without the use of a polymer. Could this surgery save Olive's life, or will it be just as difficult as brain tumor experimental surgery?

Then there was April was on an apology tour. She spent the hour walking around the hospital apologizing to everyone she had been rude to over the last few weeks. 

She stopped at Maggie to say she was not herself and that she even tried to sleep with her ex in the hospital. This presented a conundrum for Maggie because Jackson kept it all quiet from her. 

The final big story of the week focused on Owen and Arizona joining forces to take down a horrible cancer doctor who was misdiagnosing patients with cancer. 

Sarah Drew for ABC

They posed as a married couple and went to his surgery. He said Arizona had breast cancer, and the pair rushed back to Grey Sloan to learn that he was lying about the whole thing. 

Owen went to rough him up and called the cops, so the man was arrested. It was a wild storyline that proved there are some sick people in the world. 

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