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The Blind Auditions concluded on Tuesday night’s episode of The Voice, and let’s just say it was a night filled with some of the best performers of the season. 

But who garnered the final places? 

The Voice Season 14 Coaching Panel

Let’s break down the five who advanced to the next stage of this long in the tooth competition series. 

Genesis Diaz – “Praying”

Kesha is a vocal powerhouse, so anyone covering her songs is generally at an immediate disadvantage. However, this 19-year-old kicked her rendition off with solid footing. 

Seriously, it was that good we could have mistaken her for Kesha if we had no idea what Kesha looked like. Adam Levine took a shine to her, and she joined his team. 

Maybe Team Adam will have a winner, after all, you guys!

Sharane Calister – “Make It Rain” 

This R&B singer burst on to the stage and immediately had chairs turning for her. She knew what she had to do to get through to the next stage, and boy, did she deliver. 

Her high vocals were complemented by her big stage presence. She was confident, solid and an all-around enthralling performer. More like this, please!

Team Alicia will be good to Sharane, but song choice will be key for her from here on out. 

Dallas Caroline, The Voice Season 14 Contestant

Dallas Caroline –  “Always On My Mind”

On a night filled with solid performances, Dallas was out of place. The 17-year-old struggled during her Willie Nelson cover. Maybe it was nerves, but we’re sure there were better country singers out there. 

A three-chair turn is rare, and it’s difficult to see what the coaches saw in her. It’s doubtful she will make it much further into the process. 

Blake has his work cut out with this one. 

Jackie Verna – “Peter Pan” 

Jackie had a striking voice that could give anyone chills. Her performance was filled with set-pieces that will surely make it one of the most memorable auditions around. 

There were a few shaky moments, but that could be attributed to nerves. She was a vocal delight, and just like that, Team Adam has two solid singers!

Jackie Verna, The Voice Season 14 Contestant

Amber Sauer – “Shape of You”

Amber made everyone aware she was a fan of Kelly from the get-go, so you can only imagine her surprise when she got Kelly to turn around for her. 

The vocals were not fantastic, but there was something there that made her emerge as a likely contender to advance. The troubling thing is, Kelly has such a robust team that Amber could slip through the cracks. 

Okay, so the Blind Auditions are over!

What did you think of them?

Sound off below. 

The Voice continues Monday on NBC.