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It was time to take back the streets of Central City. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 kicked off, Barry rushed to Iris and admitted he could not save her this time. 

Yes, we were totally wondering if we had missed the whole previous episode, but thankfully we were taken eight minutes into the past to get a nice dose of clarity. 

Watch The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Online
Watch The Flash Season 4 Episode 15 Online

Cisco and Iris were training Barry how to outrun DeVoe’s breaches, and this resulted in the happy couple taking a break to chat about their relationship. 

That’s when Barry agreed they should go on a date because, well, they’ve barely had a second to spend together as a married couple. 

That’s when Harry arrived and told them that Devoe had been planning to steal the powers form the bus metahumans for longer than they initially thought. 

Jesse Quick appeared, and she wasted no time in grilling her dad about the way he’s dealing with her mother’s death. 

Uniting Against DeVoe
Photo via The CW

However, they were interrupted by the revelation that a fight with guns had broken out. Just when it seemed like our team was winning the battle, a nuke was revealed. 

Barry and Jesse conferred about what they could do to save everyone, and Jesse went to get Jay Garrick from Earth-3 because they both thought he would know something. 

Cisco tried to send the nuke into another Earth, but not one with any life form. But Cisco could not handle the heat inside Flashtime and made his way back to the normal world. 

Jay arrived on the scene and immediately felt that the mission could lead to the end of the Speed Force. That would mean no more speedsters. 

Iris West, The Flash
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He offered up some news that the nuke could be cooled down, and that could save everyone from a certain death. 

Killer Frost offered to help out, but her powers were useless inside the Flashtime, so she was sent back to the regular world. 

Iris told Barry about Caitlin using the quark sphere and that Barry should try to get that to drop the bomb. Barry entered the Force once again, and her plan worked. 

Iris saved the day!

Flash Season 2 Suit

The big closing moment found the mystery girl in Jitters spilling coffees on Caitlin and Harry. The youngster said she was waiting to meet someone, but it was later revealed Caitlin and Harry were who she was talking about. 

Let me present a theory: That girl is totally Barry and Iris’ child from another Earth. It’s uncanny, and we’re sure all will be revealed soon enough. 

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