Joy-Anna Duggar: Look at My Precious Son!!!

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There have been a lot of questions surrounding the pregnancy of Joy-Anna Duggar.

Foremost among them?

Did the strict Catholic get pregnant before marriage?

Joy-Anna and Austin for TLC

This rumor continues to make the Internet rounds simply based on math and logic.

Considering the timing of Duggar confirming that she was engaged to Austin Forsyth last year... and then the confirmation that she was married and ... then pregnant, an act that she says took place during the couple's honey moon...

... many fans have been wondering whether this timeline adds up.

Might Joy-Anna and Austin have not just broken the strict Duggar courtship rules that require essentially no physical contact prior to marriage, but utterly destroyed them?

Could they have engaged in premarital sex?!?

We'll likely never know for certain, but there's at least one question no one out there is asking.

There's no debate circulating around son Gideon himself, who was born to Joy-Anna and Austin in late February.

The little guy is simply angelic, full stop. Case closed.

Gideon at 1 Month

To hammer this precious point home, Joy-Anna shared the above photo on Instagram over the weekend.

As you can likely surmise, it features Gideon on his one-month birthday, a milestone that would cause any parent to sit back and reflect.

"Time sure does fly! It’s hard to believe Gideon is already 1 month old!," wrote his famous mother as a caption, adding the hashtag #GideonMartynForsyth.

The reality stars shared the following snapshot of their first-born shortly after he entered the world and continue to also share their journey to parenthood each week on new episodes of TLC's Counting On.

Joy-Anna, Austin and Gideon

“We are blessed beyond measure with the arrival of our son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth,” the couple said in a statement upon telling universe that their baby was here.

He measured 22 inches long and weighed a massive 10 pounds, three ounces when he was born.

(Editor's Note: That is one HUGE baby! We're oh so very sorry, Joy-Anna.)

Added the Forsyths at the time:

“Looking at our child for the first time was such an incredible moment! God is so good, and we are both so thankful.”

Joy-Anna, Austin Forsyth

The couple was married for 39 weeks prior to becoming parents, claiming, as mentioned above, that they had sex for the first time the night of their wedding and got pregnant during this same act.

Which is certainly conceivable.

But you can understand why a handful of social media users out there are skeptical.

Gideon, meanwhile, marks the 10th grandchild in the Duggar family... and the eighth boy.

To date, Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard have only given birth to boys; while Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s poor wife, is the only family member who has given birth to girls.

(She's also the only family member married to an admitted child molestor.)

Looking ahead, the Duggars are expecting two more grandchildren this year, as Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Jinger Duggar Vuolo are both pregnant. 

Jinger has not revealed if she will be having a boy or a girl, but Kendra has told fans she is expecting a son.

You can click on the above photo gallery to get to know Joy-Anna a little better.

And on the video below to get to know her son a little better.

He's so very cute!

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