Isabel Rock Gushes About Jacob Roloff, Reveals Wedding Details

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While on their romantic trip to Iceland a few months ago, Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock became engaged.

It's wonderful and happy news for the one-time black sheep of the Roloff family. And for his bride-to-be.

Isabel is clearly over the moon, and can't help gushing about Jacob ... in fact, she's revealed the venue for their wedding.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Tease Wedding Venue

Beside this beautiful photo of the couple, Isabel gushed in her captions about Jacob Roloff.

"I love this guy. I'm so proud of him."

And she went on to brag about his work.

"He's currently finishing up his second book in less than a year. What?! Who does that."

People with time on their hands and inspiration do that, mostly.

Fans don't know every detail of Jacob's life, but his parents are very wealthy, and it's wonderful that they can apparently afford him the opportunity to pursue his passions.

Isabel continues to brag about her fiance.

"Self published, too."

Self-publishing takes more work and often gets less money, but it gives authors more personal control.

A Family Photograph

Isabel then moved on beyond Jacob's professional and artistic accomplishments to talk about what he means to her.

"He continuously inspires and encourages me."

She, of course, is an artist -- she paints.

"His energy is calming and he is so sure of himself that he leaves others feeling comforted."

That sounds so wonderful!

"I was lucky enough to not only meet him, but be his lady for three years and now his fiancee."

She follows that line with a yellow heart emoji.

We'd point out that being Jacob's "lady" for three years may have what got Isabel shaded by Audrey Roloff right after the announcement. She's, um, not a fan of pre-marital funtimes.

Rock and Roloff Pic

Isabel says that she's still growing accustomed to the idea that Jacob is not just her friend and not just her boyfriend, but also her fiance and future husband.

"Still so not used to that, but I adore that this is now our reality."

And this is when, again referring to the photo that we shared at the top of the cute couple standing on the grass, that she reveals their intended wedding venue.

"Cannot wait to marry you right here in this spot one day, handsome."

To be clear, it's possible that she means that they'll marry on Roloff Farms property, but ... she may literally mean the ground on which they were standing at that moment.

Jacob Roloff Celebrates Isabel Rock on Her Birthday

Things weren't always so close between Jacob and his family.

Jacob stormed off of Roloff farms when he was 18, decrying Little People, Big World for being "fake" and "scripted."

Reality shows pretty much all come with outlines and storylines. Some shows have more or less guidance than others before cameras start rolling.

A larger issue for Jacob had been ideological conflicts with his family and the feeling that he'd had very few choices growing up.

In 2017, however, Jacob began reconnecting with his family in the months leading up to his 21st birthday.

And, of course, in the months leading up to his proposal to Isabel Rock.

Happily Engaged Twosome

The Roloffs are embracing Jacob and his fiancee. They've smothered her with love on her birthday (she's a year older than Jacob).

Even before the proposal, fans saw Amy Roloff promoting Isabel's art showings.

Isabel says that what first drove her to paint was a desire to heal. That's such a healthy creative outlet.

2017 was full of good news for the Roloffs. They reunited with Jacob, welcomed a future in-law, and embraced two beautiful Roloff grandbabies.

Soon, we'll get to see more of their adventures, because TLC has announced the Little People, Big World return date.

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