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Our younger readers may not be familiar with the velour track suit come to life that is Kevin Federline, so let us fill you in the saga of the ultimate baby daddy:

Federline married Britney Spears back in 2004, and she’s been paying for that mistake ever since.

Britney and Kevin

While the marriage lasted only a couple years, Federline fathered two children with Spears, which means he’s pretty much hitched his wagon to her star for life.

(Or at least until little Sean and Jayden turn eighteen.)

And these days, K-Fed – as he was known in the dark days of the early ’00s – seems hell-bent on getting the most out of this arrangement.

It seems Federline wants more child support money from Spears, and sources say he’s willing to take her to court if he has to.

And according to US Weekly, Brit is downright fuming over her ex’s audacity:

Kevin Federline Red Carpet Photo

“She’s angry Kevin is asking for more money because she pays for everything,” says an insider, who describes Britney and Kevin’s relationship as “strained.” 

“Those boys are her world. She is an amazing mother.”

Child support beefs amongst rich people are always a little hilarious since it’s not like anyone is struggling to pay for groceries here.

It’s more like Kevin takes the kids to Disneyland he just pays for admission, while Brit rents out the entire park and has it closed to the public so there are no lines for the rides.

There are numerous reasons why it’s tempting to side with Brit, not the least of which is that if it weren’t for her financial support, Kevin would probably be popping and locking on a street corner somewhere.

But it’s important to remember that their situation is more complex than that of most celebrity exes.

As you may recall, Brit has had her share of problems over the years.

The consequences of Spears’ 2007 meltdown are still a daily reality for the singer, who is still, in some ways, under the thumb of her father and financial advisor, Jamie Spears.

There were several times in the past decade when it would have been easy to fight for sole custody of the kids, but K-Fed mostly did right by his ex:

“Kevin has always allowed for very liberal visitation,” says the insider. “He has been supportive of her recovery.”

It may have been quite some time ago, but it’s something Brit should probably keep in mind if she plans to square off with Kevin in court.

Kevin Federline Red Carpet Photo