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Celebrity Big Brother is airing on an accelerated schedule on CBS. 

With just over a week left to go, there are still nine houseguests. That means we should get some double evictions thrown in for good measure. 

Omarosa Is Not Impressed
Photo via CBS

Monday’s episode concluded with Keshia Knight Pulliam becoming the second houseguest to be evicted from the house after wailing at her fellow celebrities about missing her kid. 

That was around the time the idea was being floated to have Shannon thrown up on the block and kicked out of the house via a backdoor eviction. 

Then-HOH Ross struggled with whether to put Shannon up because he worried that he swung and missed. That would have been a big mistake for his game. 

Ariadna Gutierrez Poses
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After Monday’s eviction, Brandi, Ari, and Marissa secretly continued to float the idea of having Shannon put up next. This was music to Omarosa’s ears because she wants the former American Pie star out. 

When it came to the next HOH competition, Ariadna secured a victory, and apparently beat James by the skin of her teeth. 

Shannon was glad because she thought she was safe from the block. Over the last few days, however, Brandi and Omarosa did not allow her to be alone with Ari. 

The reason? The two women did not want Shannon trying to change her mind about the plan. Ari wanted to give Shannon a chance to fight for safety, so she decided to James up with her. 

Shannon Elizabeth Smiles
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That meant the two of them were essentially targets and that the houseguests would get one of them out. That would split up another powerful duo in the game. 

Ari followed through with her plan, and both James and Shannon were nominated on Tuesday. 

Shannon figured it all out before it happened based on the way things played out with everyone, but she reiterated that she did not want to speak to the others because they lied to her. 

Shannon Elizabeth Poses
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Surprisingly, Brandi told Shannon not to feel like she’s alone in the game because she will speak to her whenever she wants to. It was a surprisingly classy chat from the woman who has been catty as hell since last week. 

The veto is still up for grabs, but one of James and Shannon will be leaving the house next. Maybe there will be some last-minute twist thrown in to give Shannon a reprieve. 

The next eviction is scheduled to air on Friday, so we will have the truth about who is leaving around that time. We will keep you up to date on what to expect before the episode airs. 

Brandi Cleavage
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