Isabel Rock Just Made Us Cry All the Tears Over Her Engagement to Jacob Roloff

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No way, readers.

We aren't crying.

YOU'RE the ones who are crying.

Actually, to be honest, Isabel Rock is the one who is crying - and you're about to find out why...

Happily Engaged Twosome

Over the weekend, following many weeks of rumors and Internet chatter, Rock and Jacob Roloff confirmed the news we'd been hoping to hear for so very long:

THEY'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob apparently popped the major question back in December during a trip to Iceland, sharing a photo from the couple's adventure on Instagram Sunday evening while announcing the special development.

"...we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas," Roloff explained as a caption at the time, while Isabel added a diamond ring emoji on her page and the following confirmation:

"We are finally ready to share with everyone... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!"

Amy Roloff reacted to the engagement with major excitement, as did fans who practically watched Jacob grow up on Little People, Big World.

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff Image

Isabel, meanwhile, just explained to followers why she reacted with a different kind of emotion.

Of course she's over the moon happy to eventually be Jacob's wife, but there's a very specific reason why this is a bittersweet moment for her as well.

In a text message exchange Rock shared on her Instagram stories, a family friend let her know that Isabel's late mother, Toni Garreton, would have definitely approved of her fiancé.

"I know you've probably heard this a lot already but your mom would be really happy," the friend texted, adding for emphasis:

"She would've LOVED Jacob."

"Oh my gosh that makes me so happy especially because you knew her so well and you'd know more than anyone," Rock responded.

rock message

Isabel lost her mother to cancer in 2014.

She's been open in the past about how difficult it was to say goodbye to this loved one, partly because her mother would never have a chance to meet the love of her life.

In a blog post titled "Happy," which Rock published in July of 2017, Isabel reflected on how important it has been for her to keep her happiness even in the wake of such a major loss.

Then, in October of last year, Rock shared the following picture on Instagram:

Isabel Rock, Mom

She wrote as a sentimental caption:

Captioning this photo "I miss my mom" is a bit too obvious and repetitive to all of the posts I've ever written about her. She was my best friend.

I know everybody says that about their mom but I mean we did everything together. Friends would ask me to hangout and almost always I would've rather hung out with her.

Now I know why, I didn't have much time. I especially miss the deep talks about life, singing in the car, house hunting on Sundays where we'd go to all of the super fancy open houses and pretend we were going to buy them.

I'd always say "I call this room!" and we'd giggle and laugh the car ride home.

I remember one time in particular after one of those days I said to her, through tearful eyes, "Mom, I know you are sick but you have to grow old enough for me to write my book, and then I'll have the money to build your dream house. It'll be just like those fancy ones but better, exactly how you'd want it."

She'd just smile her warm, comforting smile.

I still want to build you that dream house, Mama. Just now you'll be able to appreciate it in a different way.

Beautiful stuff.

We send the very best to Jacob and Isabel on their engagement.

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