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What is… very disappointing news?

The announcement just made by Alex Trebek.

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In a video posted on YouTube, the veteran Jeopardy host announced late Thursday that he will be taking a hiatus from the beloved game show.


Because he recently underwent brain surgery.

That’s a pretty good reason, huh?

Trebek, who has hosted the aforementioned program for 33 years, says he has been suffering from a subdural hematoma, which causes blood clots, as a result of a bad fall he took in October.

Donning a yellow sweater, jeans and a blue “Jeopardy!” hat, the 77-year-old uses his world famous tone below to address the camera and refer to the procedure he recently underwent as “a slight medical problem.”

Adds the host:

“Surgery was performed. After two days in the hospital, I came home to start recovery.

"The prognosis is excellent, and I expect to be back in the studio taping more Jeopardy! programs very, very soon.”

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Trebek did not give an exact date for his return, however.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the company that produces the game show, said in aits own statement that Trebek was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on December 15.

He underwent surgery the next day.

"He is expected to make a full and complete recovery," the company says, adding:

"Alex spent Christmas at home with his family, and he will return to the Jeopardy! studio for taping in mid-January."

The show is taped in advance, so viewers can expect to see new episodes each night for the next few weeks.

Sony says the only change in the Jeopardy schedule will be a delay the show’s annual college championship; instead of being taped next week, it will be taped in March.

Look for it to air in April.

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Trebek recently renewed his contract to continue hosting the game show through the 2019-2020 season, based on a Sony Pictures Entertainment press release in May.

In June of 2014, the Guinness Book of World Records presented Trebek with an award for the most times one person has hosted the same show.

At the time, he had never missed a taping, not even due to illness.

“It’s an honor to hold the Guinness World Record for hosting Jeopardy!, which I’ve often said is the best of reality T.V.,” Trebek said back then.

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This man is a living legend.

So let’s hope he continues to live for a very long time.

Please join us in sending the best wishes to Alex Trebek.