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This week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians featured Kimberly coming to the decision to have a third child via surrogate.

It was a decision that carried many mixed emotions.

Kim Kardashian Listens to Scott Disick

First off, how did she come to choose her surrogate?

"Finding someone you really trust is really more difficult than you can imagine," she said of the still-anonymous young woman.

"It was maybe a year before we finalized [that].”

Kim gushed that the woman entrusted with carrying her child – who is 100% Kim and Kanye’s, genetically – is just "such a nice person."

"Like, she’s so easy to talk to. This particular surrogate, she was the best fit for my family so we just had to go with it and try one embryo.”

Additionally, Kim revealed that an implanted embryo from a fertility procedure before her pregnancy with son Saint, now 2, was lost:

“One didn’t work with me. I tried it and I lost one.”

Kim Kardashian is Pensive

Sister Khloe then opened up about this, too.

“Before Kimberly got pregnant with Saint," Khloe said, "she had an embryo implanted in her and that embryo did not take."

"So Kim is super nervous and anxious.”

Understandably so, but it appears that this time frame has passed, as later, she told her family, "We’re having a baby. A girl.”

“I definitely want to keep it private. I don’t want people to find my surrogate. I don’t want people following her, chasing her.”

“I really trust my surrogate,” though, she said:

“I’m not trying to control her every move.”

Not all is well with her inner circle, however, as Kim revealed that her relationship with Stephanie Shepherd wasn’t always amicable.

Stephanie Shepherd

The duo remain close following Shepherd’s firing as Kim’s assistant this year, but it’s clear there is some bad blood lingering.

As Kim went on to discuss the pair’s up and down history, she confessed to Kourtney in an off-hand remark, “I hated Steph.”

Later in the episode, Kourtney finally confirmed her relationship to Younes Bendjima to Khloe, following a little bit of teasing.

Kourtney explained her reluctance to talk about the romance on the show, even as her sister prodded her, on the show.

She said, “I don’t feel like sitting and airing my business. I’m not using it on the show. I don’t feel like I need to expose."

Fair enough.