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Just because Kate Gosselin had her children celebrate without Collin on Collin’s birthday doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know how to celebrate milestones for her other children.

This time, it’s Leah Gosselin who’s being celebrated, as she finally got her braces off!

And while the photos are cute, reactions in the form of Instagram comments were all over the place.

Kate Gosselin is a Bad Mom

It seems that Collin Gosselin is still missing, off at some dubious institution where Kate decided that he belonged.

But Kate does have other children who, in an indictment of our society’s inability to look after the well-being of children, remain in Kate Gosselin’s custody.

There are, however, some positive moments, even in that household.

And there are things to celebrate.

In the photo below, Leah Gosselin — who, like her fellow sextuplets, turned 13 over the summer — has finally gotten her braces off.

And she’s celebrating with an array of tasty desserts … among other snacks.

See how happy she looks!

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Leah’s smile is bright and celebratory!

But still not quite as happy as her smile will be when she one day escapes from her mother and never looks back.

As you can see, her teeth are no longer imprisoned by a sharp metal tooth-corset, which, having had braces when I was about her age, is how I would describe braces.

You can’t see her food choices too well in this photo, so Kate, in either a rare moment of kindness or perhaps a desperate attempt to show that she can be "nice" and "fun" sometimes, really, she promises, shared another photo.

In it, we see cake, a number of candies, and popcorn … which makes us think that Kate must have actually enforced the orthodontist’s rules about what to not eat with braces.

(When I had braces, I avoided only popcorn. Gum actually helped me adjust to having the braces, and I never had any problem with gum or anything else)

But here are the treats that Leah got to enjoy:

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With both photos, Kate Gosselin included the caption:

"Somebody got their braces off today! [three grinning-face emojis] #CongratsLeah #BracesOffParty #GosselinTradition #BracesOnBracesOffConstantHere"

We’ll say this much about Kate Gosselin — having a braces-off celebration for your kids is a great idea.

That might be the only parenting advice that we’d ever take from her.

Various followers chimed in with well wishes:

"Hahaha … another constant is there’s always something to celebrate … no wonder everybody seems to be so happy …"

Instagram comments don’t  really need that many ellipses … but okay.

"That is so awesome! Kate, you’re always finding unique ways to make your kids feel special and I LOVE that! [red heart emoji]"

Kate Gosselin Losing Her S--t

We weren’t the only ones who are still preoccupied by the fact that Kate decided to disappear her own child and keep him isolated from his siblings.

One commenter wrote:

"Collin doesn’t get braces."

Point of fact, we don’t know that Collin does or does not have braces. But we don’t know because, well, he’s wherever Kate sent him off to.

Another commenter replied:

"Yeah, that poor child."

Our only comfort is that Collin, though isolated from his siblings, is at least away from Kate.

When there’s nothing else that you can do, folks, you have to look at the bright side.