The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Recap: The End of the War

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Who knew that Rick and his people would become pen pals while in the midst of war?

On The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6, the various factions continued the war to end all wars, and everyone got caught up with one another via letters. 

Maggie Searches for Safety on The Walking Dead

Rick sent a letter that brought hope to all. He said they were winning the war, and that they would all meet up at the Sanctuary in two days to take Negan and his people out of the equation for good. 

Winning the war would make people happy, but Michonne and Rosita went on a mission to check what was really going on. A part of them did not believe Rick's words, so they hit the road. 

The two ladies found out quickly what the other Saviors meant by "the fat lady." It was a truck, and two Saviors were trying to get the music pumping to get the walkers away from the Sanctuary. 

Rick in Trouble on The Walking Dead Season 8

A scuffle ensued, and the female Savior almost got away with the truck, but Daryl appeared in the nick of time and rammed the woman off the road. Things then took an exciting turn when it was revealed that they were headed for the Sanctuary with a truck full of explosives. 

Maybe they should try and get on board with their leader because this is just plain sad. 

Remember the man Carl encountered on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1? Carl went out of his way to find him this week, and he found out his name was Sadiq. 

Carl gave the man food and water and a lengthy excuse about why Rick flipped out on him. Sadiq opened up about killing a healthy dose of walkers because he felt like he was honoring his mother's wishes by freeing their souls back into the world. 

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead Season 8

In a weird way, it's actually nice, right?!

The two formed an unlikely bond and Carl reiterated that he would be helping him from here on out, but what will Rick say about it?

Meanwhile, at the Hilltop, Jesus and Maggie continued to bicker over the prisoners that were delivered. Maggie was still bitter about what happened to Glen and felt like showing mercy to them would be a bad move. 

Maggie then chatted with Gregory who gave her an idea to build a compound for the prisoners. She announced they would be kept there, and treated well as long as they worked on the side of good. 

Lauren Cohan for AMC

Oh, and Gregory was thrown into the pen. There goes his chance of making it back to being the leader. Maggie revealed that she was only keeping them alive in the event they are needed. 

Rick then went to Jadis and tried to negotiate a new deal. He wanted her to be part of a post-Saviors coalition, but she did not want anything to do with him and had him thrown in a shipping container with the letter "A" on it. 

This cannot be good. 

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