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Kylie is reportedly excited to be pregnant with her rebound guy’s baby at the age of 20. Frustratingly, she and her family have been conspicuously silent about the news, even though it’s been reported by multiple reputable outlets.

But fans think that a cryptic tweet from her baby daddy, Travis Scott, might be confirmation of the pregnancy.


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
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For most 20-year-olds on the planet, the risk of getting pregnant is a source of fear if not a worst-case scenario. 

Most 20-year-olds would be mortified at the thought of getting pregnant via boyfriend of only two months.

Kylie Jenner is pregnant at 20, but she isn’t most 20-year-olds. But we’ve all been so focused on Kylie that we’re forgetting the other person in this equation.

(And we don’t mean Kris Jenner)

Travis Scott.

What exactly does Kylie’s baby daddy think of all of this?

Fans think that Travis Scott’s tweet reveals that and confirms Kylie’s pregnancy as more than just a rumor.

Travis Scott Does His Thing
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On the 12th of June, 2017, Travis Scott tweeted this:

"Legit happiest day of my life."

First of all, they’d been dating for … two months?

Second of all, if this really is when they got the news, then Kylie would have been pregnant for weeks already, right?

Meaning that Kylie got pregnant closer to one month into dating.

Kylie’s age and Travis Scott’s rebound status aside, that is an absurdly short amount of time to be in a relationship before you start manufacturing other, smaller humans.

We knew that they’d rushed things, but it’s a little easier to hear the pregnancy news now after they’ve been dating since the spring.

Imagine if the news had gone public back in June, though.

The reaction would have been even more intense than it is now.

Kylie Jenner on Her Side
Photo via Instagram

As to Travis’ meaning … it might very well fit the timeline.

But is his tweet referring to Kylie’s pregnancy?

We … just have no idea.

In that we don’t know that Travis Scott was talking about Kylie’s uterus being occupado. Maybe he had just eaten a really good sandwich.

But also in the sense that we don’t know how Travis Scott would really, truly feel about this.

We don’t really see Travis Scott as a gold digger.

He’s worth several million dollars, at least.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to Kylie’s wealth, so some would see getting her pregnant as a great way to secure a steady financial future.

(Just look at Blac Chyna’s custody deal with Rob Kardashian — and remember that, in the Kardashian family, Rob’s the poor one, while Kylie’s vying with Kim to be the wealthiest)

Could it be that he’s just … genuinely excited to suddenly become a father with girl he’s only just met?

Travis Scott Instagram Image
Photo via Instagram

Okay, that gives us what’s officially our worst idea for a reality series: Pregnant at First Sight.

But while we’re impressed that cyber-sleuths backread Travis Scott’s Twitter enough to find that and connect it with Kylie’s pregnancy, we don’t know if they’re actually related or not.

Sure, that’s what you’d tweet if you just got the news but wanted to keep it secret. But that’s also what you’d tweet if you and your roommate discover a new Asian fusion place right around the corner from your house.

Basically, we — meaning the entire world — are starved for information and confirmation and details and reactions. The Kardashians need to speak about this.

We get that they’re playing a PR game, but enough is enough.

They let us wait the whole weekend and it’s time to spill the beans.