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Audrey Roloff has given Little People, Big World some fun insight into her daughter.

First, the beloved TLC star shared a new photo of her baby girl.

And, what can we say, it’s downright adorable…

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Second, Roloff has written something interesting about Ember Jean, who is just over six weeks old.

Following a general status update on Ember upon the occasion of her one-month birthday, Audrey is now here to tell us what song her child likes to hear most often.

Along with what change Audrey has made to the lyrics.

"I sure do spend a lot of time in bed, but never actually sleeping of course," Audrey wrote as a caption to the photo above.

And it’s true:

She and Jeremy Roloff have mentioned on multiple occasions that Ember isn’t exactly a great sleeper. Not yet, at least.

But Audrey wasn’t trying to criticize her child with this post. Quite the opposite, really.

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"How could you not want to just cuddle in bed all day with a face like that?!" she continued, adding:

"Ember likes it when I sing to her – and she’s probably the only person on the planet that does – but for some reason I can never think of any other songs to sing except amazing grace!"

That is a classic.

And it’s appropriate for someone as dedicated to her faith as Audrey Roloff.

Added the mother of one:

"They other day I was singing it to her on repeat and I suddenly had an urge to replace the “me’s” with “you’s.”

"This verse became particularly encouraging as I sang it over her instead of myself, “The Lord has promised good to YOU His word YOUR hope secures; He will YOUR sheild and portion be…

"As long as life endures, Yet when YOUR flesh and heart shall fail, And mortal life shall cease, YOU shall possess, within the veil, A life of joy and peace.”

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It’s been so nice to see Audrey open up a lot more of late when it comes to Ember.

For a little while there, the reality star admitted that the adjustment to parenthood was a struggle, but she’s been sharing more and more photos recently of her bundle of joy.

And Ember has even gotten out of the house to enjoy some special trips.

We’re grateful to Audrey and Jeremy for opening up their lives in this kind of manner to their fans and we continue to wish their family health and happiness.

Check out some precious photos of Ember below: