Arrow Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Did Olicity Reunite?

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Diggle continued his new role as the vigilante of Star City on Arrow Season 6 Episode 3, and not everyone was glad about the shifting dynamics of the team. 

A New Team Arrow

When the episode got underway, Diggle adapted to his new role with ease, but FBI Agent Watson noticed that the Green Arrow was no longer shooting arrows. 

On top of that, Diggle made a crucial mistake during a mission, and it resulted in several civilians being put in danger, and they all needed medical attention. 

Dinah wanted her friend to thrive in his new role, so she pushed the team to move past it because it was always going to be a learning process for him. 

Stephen Amell for The CW's Arrow

But, she waited until she and Diggle were in private and grilled him about whether his health could be the issue. He vehemently denied it and claimed the issue was dealt with. 

During the next big bust-up with Onyx, Diggle managed to get the team to capture the elusive villain to give the team a major win. We then found out that Diggle was using a drug to fix his issue. 

This is not going to end well. 

Oliver and Felicity

Curtis and Felicity reveal their high-tech crossbow that shot arrows without having to use it manually, so it was an excellent way to shut the media up about what was going on. 

With Oliver relieved of his duties as Green Arrow, he focused on raising William. Felicity stepped in to let him know that it was best to work through his issues with his son. 

She opined that putting everything aside would come back to haunt them down the line. Oliver then asked Felicity to tutor William because he was worried about a math test. 

Oliver later gave Felicity a key to his apartment, and Oliver said that everyone feels better with Felicity around. That paved the way for their first big kiss in a long time. 

Oliver and Diggle on Arrow

The city council passed a new anti-vigilante bill that caused a headache for Oliver. He managed to find a way to bring it to a halt, but it means there will be a referendum to see who wants the bill to come into effect. 

What will everyone decide? Will they keep the Green Arrow around or will he have to change things up?

Hit the comments below with your take on the latest events from this hit CW drama series. 

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