Big Brother Spoilers: Eviction and HOH Results Leaked!

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Big Brother is gearing up for a special pre-recorded eviction episode later tonight that will reveal who has made it to final four while confirming the next houseguest to become Head of Household. 

In order to keep the results surprising, the Big Brother live feeds have been down since noon on Tuesday.

Paul Abrahamian On Big Brother

But shutting down the prying eyes of people who obsess over the live feeds is not enough to keep the leaks from coming, apparently. 

A Redditor named vegasforsure, who has been spot on with Big Brother spoilers has confirmed which unlucky houseguest was given the boot. 

On top of that, they also revealed which houseguest went on to win one of the biggest Head of Household competitions of the season. 

In case it wasn't perfectly clear, the remainder of this article is full of spoilers:

Julie Chen Waves Big Brother Flag

Alex and Kevin were nominated on the most recent episode of the hit reality series. This was not surprising when you consider the fact that Paul, Christmas, and Josh have a final three deal. 

Poor Alex thought she had Paul fighting her corner, so she had a glimmer of hope for safety when Paul emerged with the veto. He knew the jig was up and came clean to Alex that he could not use it on her. 

In a bizarre turn of events, Alex admitted that she understood why and that she would make a good case for the jury to vote him as the winner of Big Brother 19. 

Paul Abrahamian

We're sure Alex will probably find and attack him when she gets home and watches the season back because Paul his been playing her the entire summer and she's been falling for it. 

On Tuesday, Julie confirmed to the house that an eviction was imminent and the houseguests gathered in the living room to say goodbye. 

With only Christmas and Paul voting, it was a split one and Josh was forced to break the tie and send Alex out of the game. 

That's right, Alex was evicted!

Alex OW

Soon after, Kevin, Paul, and Christmas competed in the "What The Bleep?" competition, and Paul emerged with the win. If all goes to plan, Kevin will be the one walking out the door on Thursday night. 

That will leave Paul, Christmas, and Josh as Big Brother 19's final three contestants. 

Could Kevin finally win a competition and secure his place in the final three instead of Josh or Christmas? That would make for an exciting final week of the show. 

Kevin Schlehuber

What do you think Paul will do? Are you glad Alex is out of the game?

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