Big Brother Recap: Who Made the Final Four?

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Big Brother is coming to an end in just one week, and if one thing is a given, it's that Paul Abrahamian is probably going to win the whole thing. 

When the episode got underway, Alex fake thought fake crying would be the trick to get Josh to change his mind about sending her home. 

Abbott, Christmas

He burst out crying because he liked Alex as a person, but knew it was a strategic move and that he needed to take her out to secure his spot in final three. 

Paul and Christmas told Josh she was playing him and that he needs to start playing the game if they were going to make it all the way to the end together. 

Josh tried to find out whether Christmas was going to take him or Paul to final two, but she would not give him an answer, proving that she was probably going to take Paul. 

Christmas Abbott

Christmas was not allowed to compete in the Big Brother Comics competition. It involved the houseguests going across a zip line to look at the comics and then put them in the correct order.

The full list of times are as follows:

  • Alex: 14:34
  • Kevin: Times out at 45 minutes 
  • Josh: 24:36 
  • Paul: 12:10

Paul won the Power of Veto. 

Paul Abrahamian On Big Brother

Alex was happy that Paul was going to save her, but then he confirmed that he would not be using the veto on her. He revealed that strategically, he knew Alex would beat him and that none of the others would vote for him. 

Alex was mad because of the number of competitions she threw to him during the summer, and that Jason was sent out of the house because of it. 

She begged Paul to save her, but he was not having it and left her on the block with Kevin. 

The eviction was a tie, and Josh broke it, sending Alex to the jury house. She noted to Julie that she was mad at how silly she had been. 

Alex OW

The HOH competition found Kevin, Christmas, and Paul competing. Paul quickly emerged with the win, meaning he has secured his spot in final three!

And so, the most predictable season of Big Brother continues. What do you think of all the action?

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