Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: The End of a Love Triangle

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Dean's game was not on top form in Paradise, and that's why absolutely nobody was surprised that Kristina caught a glimpse of him messing around with Danielle. 

On Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 8, the drama got a little crazy, and it resulted in some crazy scenes. 

When the episode got underway, the guys wasted no time in telling Dean that Kristina watched everything he was doing with Danielle. 

You guys were there?” he asked Robby.

“Why didn’t you take her down to the beach?”

Is this dude for real? Why should other people be helping Dean be a nasty little creep? All of the drama is his own doing, and he should be the one to sort it. 

Dean Unglert in Paradise

For what it's worth, Dean did feel bad for the way he had treated Kristina. He slept with her the same day he moved on to Danielle, so it's understandable that Kristina would be mad. 

When he plucked up the courage to apologize to Kristina, she was not having any of it. Her issue with him was that he kept telling her to wait around and something would happen. 

She noted that he was essentially telling her to wait around while he got hot and heavy with someone else. 

"I don’t understand how I can have the most amazing girl in front of me and I’m flirting with another girl in the pool,” he said in a confessional.

It seemed like the conversation only served to make him feel better before resuming his steamy make out sessions with Danielle. God, this guy will never learn. 

Danielle Lombard Photo

The first new addition of the week was Blake from Rachel's season, and the ladies were not entirely impressed. They were nice to his face, but you could tell he was not a popular dude. 

Raven decided to offer out some kind words of advice: Don't speak about Whaboom dude, or else! No, she meant when he was asking for dates with the women. 

But, none of the women seemed interested in him, so it was a bit of a wasted conversation. Still, Raven was nice enough to help out. 

Then, another member of Rachel's season appeared, and he got a warmer reception than Blake. This new addition was Fred, and everyone LOVED him. 

Blake E., 31

Both of their date cards were for a double date, so Fred chose Dominique, while Blake struggled. He eventually asked Christen who seemed a little miffed at not being his first pick. 

Remember that time Christen said Jack was a bad kisser? Well, the ladies in Paradise thought it would be a good idea to test his skills. Jasmine, Raven, and Danielle all agreed that he was a great kisser. 

We're glad that they somehow wanted to clear Jack's name. The women are all so nice this season. Like, maybe a little too nice. 

Chris then made an unwelcome visit to let them know the rose ceremony was happening sooner rather than later, and Robby was gifted with a date card. 

Surprise, Amanda got another date. Sigh. 

Amanda Stanton with Robby Hayes

Later that night, Ben Z. left Paradise behind because there was nobody he felt that he could connect with. He did not want to stay there to soak up the sun. 

Raven then shocked everyone by calling Christen "Scallops," paving the way for one of the most awkward moments of the entire series. Wells and Christen were not amused by the situation but moved on from it. 

Danielle asked Dean for some reassurance. She wanted to know that if he would accept a rose from Kristina. Dean skirted the issue and said he was avoiding her. 

He then said he would tell Kristina the truth about pursuing a relationship with Danielle so she would back off. He then made his way over to Kristina. 

Kristina (The Bachelor)

She was happy he was finally honest with her, but she was not impressed at being second best. 

“So you want to pursue not even a woman, a girl, who’s straddling someone in the ocean and made out with Jack Stone today,” she says, before leaving the conversation. 

Kristina turned to Raven who said that Kristina's opinion was not going to change overnight and she needed time to heal.

While Kristina wanted to throw all of the blame at Danielle, Raven told her that Dean was the one who messed her around and jerked with her emotions. 

Raven Gates on ABC

Naturally, Kristina turned on Raven because what she needed was a friend ... not a lecture. This is getting ridiculous now, you guys. 

“Why are you fighting for someone who’s not fighting for you? ” said a startled Wells as Kristina realized she was selfish. 

The rose ceremony played out in a way that was not really surprising. 

  • Lacey gave hers to Daniel. 
  • Taylor gave hers to Derek. 
  • Amanda gave hers to Robby. 
  • Raven gave hers to Adam. 
  • Dominique gave hers to Diggy. 
  • Jasmine gave hers to Jonathan. 
  • Christen gave hers to Jack Stone. 

That meant Blake was being sent home, and we are not surprised. 

Danielle Lombard

But then Kristina stood up and did not give out her rose. Instead, she fled Paradise after throwing shade at Dean and Danielle. That meant there was no room for Fred, and he, too, was sent packing. 

Danielle closed off the episode by giving her rose to Dean. And the love triangle is now extinct. 

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