Wells Adams and Danielle Maltby: Dating?

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Bachelor in Paradise has had its fair share of drama so far this season, and there is one couple who may become the next Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. 

If you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, you will know that Wells Adams is the bartender this time around. He was a contestant on last summer's edition, and he has had his eye on one of the contestants all season long. 

Wells Adams, Danielle Maltby

That contestant is Danielle Maltby, and it turns out, they actually go way back. They apparently went on a date several years ago and have been "just friends" ever since. 

The plot thickened when Danielle realized that the love of her life was not in Mexico and set off to help children in Kenya. But, in true rom-com fashion, Wells laid a big kiss on her before she departed. 

With one big kiss in the can, Danielle seemed happy by all of it, noting that it was "a good kiss." With her revealing that there was the possibility of a pairing down the line, the internet immediately started shipping them. 

Wells Adams

You could say it's an unfair advantage because the duo already knew each other, but it's not like they were dating on the show. Wells was behind the bar most of the time pouring drinks and doling out some good advice. 

With Carly and Evan being the surprising relationship of last year's edition of the series and returning to paradise earlier this year to get married, could Wells and Danielle return next year?

Well, we have no idea, but the internet sure wants it to happen. 

Word on the street is that they have been spending a lot of time together since Danielle returned from Kenya, and even Carly and Evan seem to be shipping them. 

Three Bachelor Nation Couples

Carly shared the above picture with a surprisingly telling caption. 

"We love love!!! Here's to hoping it works out for everyone like it did for us!!!" Carly captioned a photo which also included Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan. 

With Carly endorsing the couple, it was only a matter of time before Evan chimed in. 


E! contacted representatives to get clarification on the status of the relationship. 

"Everyone wants them to be together and thinks they would be the cutest couple," the source revealed.

"They are just friends at this point, but we all got so excited when we heard about the kiss. I think they will end up together eventually."

Danielle Maltby Photo

That's probably as good an answer we are going to get, but we can dream. 

What do you think about all of this?

Would you be on board with the radio personality and the nurse becoming a full-fledged couple?

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