Kourtney Kardashian: My Children Are All the Love I Need!

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Kourtney posted a series of "love" photos starring her children, each captioned with a different sort of love.

What we're not quite sure about is whether this is Kourtney once again telling Scott that he's missing a whole world of happiness and love ... or if she's broadcasting how happy and content she is with her children to illustrate that she doesn't need Scott.

We're still torn. Look at these photos and decide what you think that her angle might be.

Kourtney Kardashian with Reign: "True Love"

In this first photo, Kourtney snuggles with Reign, who is only two years old but growing up so quickly.

The photo is captioned: "True Love."

Just one or two of these might have seemed like, say, a regular mom post.

You know, just moms posting photos of their kids.

That sort of thing happens every day.

And the fact that it's a series of five photographs could make it look like a miniature art show.

In a way, it's still both of those things.

But after all of Scott Disick's recent nonsense, be it his dalliance with Bella Thorne or his apparent rampant alcohol problem, this looks like more than that.

In that context, this looks like a message.

Maybe it's a message to the world that Kourtney is very happy with her life.

But maybe it's yet another message designed to remind Scott Disick of what he's missing.

Mason and Penelope Share Ice Cream and Kisses

This photo of Mason Disick and Penelope Disick sharing ice cream and kisses is titled: "Unconditional Love."

It's also a reminder that the Kardashians are one of those kiss-on-the-lips families.

We're not trying to be judgmental about it but it can be a little weird to see if you're not from one of those families.

Of course, some families don't even hug each other, which is horrifying, so there's a whole range of what families do and don't do.

Mason is looking more and more grown-up.

He's seven.

Honestly, that's an age where you can really tell who somebody is and who they're going to be.

He'll be a teenager before we know it.

For now, though, he and Penelope are just super cute.

Kourtney and Penelope and Mason

This photo shows Kourtney with Penelope, while Mason looms adorably in the background.

This one's caption is: "Fearless Love."

This one in particular seems like it's geared towards Scott.

Obviously, it's showing his former love with two of their children.

That would have to sting.

But the caption seems like it might be a rub, you know?

Is Scott running from commitment or his feelings or what?

(We don't think that even he knows)

Kourtney Cuddles Reign on the Bed: Unselfish Love

This one's a little blurry because Reign is a rambunctious little cutie.

(Children are our weakness! They're so precious!)

Kourtney captioned this one: "Unselfish Love."

That's actually a great choice.

At the risk of sounding like Ayn Rand for a moment, we hate the word "selfless" being described like it's a good thing.

You should love yourself.

You are yourself, and you're going to be you for your entire life.

Love should never be "selfless."

If love makes the world a better place -- well, you're part of the world.

When you do something nice for yourself, you're making the world a better place just like you do when you do something nice for someone else.

That's just ... a good choice for a title or whatever these captions are.

Kourtney Kardashian Nuzzles Reign: Eternal Love

Kourtney and Reign, back at it again with the lip-kissing.

But it's okay, whatever.

This one is captioned the best kind of love: "Eternal Love."

Honestly, "eternal" is the best kind of most things.

(Except for, like, torment)

We wonder if any of this will serve as a wake-up call to Scott.

What exactly is his "rock bottom" ... and will he survive it?

And will Kourtney even be remotely interested in having him in her life when he does?

Kourtney notably didn't publicly wish Scott a happy Father's Day this year.

She might be starting to truly cut him out of her heart instead of just her life, you know?

And if that's the case, then this is an art show for the world to show that she has all of the fulfillment she needs.

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