Adam Lind Shows Off Major Weight Loss: Is It Drug-Related?

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If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you're no doubt well aware that Adam Lind is a deeply troubled soul who routinely makes life more difficult for those around him.

Part of the problem, of course, is Lind's long history of substance abuse.

Recent court documents reveal that Lind tested positive for methamphetamines, a development that could cost him custody of his youngest daughter.

Adam Lind Weight Loss Photo

Now, a new photo of the reality star has fans concerned that Lind's hard drug use may be even more habitual and problematic than previously thought.

As you can see, the former body builder appears to have lost a dramatic amount of weight in recent weeks.

In the comments, fans have described Lind's appearance as "scary skinny" and expressed concerns that his attenuated appearance might be tied to his substance abuse.

The girl in the photo is Lind's daughter with Chelsea Houska, 7-year-old Aubree.

At this time, it doesn't appear that Houska intends to fight to change her custody or visitation arrangements with Lind.

Adam Lind Muscles

However, his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Lind is not permitted to spend any time with their daughter.

The meth allegations come from court documents filed by Halbur in an effort to have Lind legally prohibitted from seeing his youngest daughter.

She also provided the court with printouts from social media, in which Lind boasts about hard drug use.

“Plaintiff failed his third drug test and he tested positive for amphetamines and methamphetamines,” reads a document filed by Halbur's lawyers and obtained by Radar Online.

“The methamphetamine result in his system was substantial and this was just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties’ minor child.” 

Adam Lind Shows Off His Body

In an interview with the site, Halbur revealed that Lind's current girlfriend confirmed that he still engages in regular drug use.

"He had showed her cocaine that he has in his possession," she told Radar.

“She also confirmed that he does engage in steroid use,” she added.

“I understand that Plaintiff will use steroids for muscle growth but will then use methamphetamines to cut weight.”

Looks like Adam's drug use may soon cost him much more than his hard-earned physique.

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