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Though it won’t air for several weeks, another Teen Mom reunion show was filmed in New York City over the weekend.

Fortunately for those who literally can’t wait to see how the annual sit-down unfolded, it was taped before a live studio audience, and some of the folks on hand have no regard for non-disclosure agreements.

Teen Mom Season 6 Cast Photo
Photo via MTV

As usual, there were conflicts and drama and lots of mellow-voiced platitudes doled out by legitimate medical professional turned reality TV quack-for-hire, Dr. Drew Pinksy. 

And of course, there was Farrah.

As usual, the other girls refused to appear on stage with Farrah due to the fact that they flat-out don’t like her.

That may sound like bullying, mean girl behavior, but Farrah has given the gals plenty of reason to avoid associating with her whenever possible.

In fact, it was at last year’s reunion that a fight between Abraham and Amber Portwood resulted in a physical altercation involving the men in their lives.

So it’s possible the other ladies kept their distance out of concern for their own safety.

Farrah Abraham in Jamaica
Photo via Instagram

But while there was no confrontation between the controversial sex tape star and the rest of the cast, Farrah still found cause to get upset, at one point reportedly storming out of the studio and refusing to continue her one-on-one interview with Dr. Drew.

Witnesses say Farrah was talked into returning, but broke down in tears shortly after resuming the interview.

As for the rest of the cast, it seems there’s no shortage of drama in their lives, either:

Amber Portwood confirmed that she’s called off her engagement to Matt Baier, but insists she has not broken up with him.

In fact, she reportedly told Pinksy that she’s confident she and Baier can get "back on track" with their relationship.

Amber Portwood, Matt Baier on Teen Mom: OG
Photo via MTV

Maci Bookout opened up about Ryan Edwards’ addiction issues, and sources say she and Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, both seemed to be on the same page with regard to his need for treatment:

"There was back and forth between Maci and Mackenzie, but no yelling or anything like that," says one audience member.

"They talked about Ryan and his drug issues. Ryan is in rehab and has been in there about two weeks," said a source. "They also said he’s doing well."

Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Edwards has checked into rehab to seek treatment for unspecified substance abuse issues.

It was also revealed that Edwards married Standifer in low-key ceremony last month, but that was reportedly not discussed at the reunion.

Watch Teen Mom online to get caught up in time for what sounds like a drama-packed finale.