Kaia Gerber: Cindy Crawford's 15-Year-Old Daughter SLAMMED for Racy Pic!

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Look, Kaia Gerber is an absolutely gorgeous girl.

With Cindy Crawford as a mother, she really didn't have much of a chance to be anything else.

Kaia Gerber Pic

But while Kaia is lovely, and even though she's been building a modeling career of her very own, she's also only 15 years old.

It's easy to forget her age -- after all, she's posing for magazine covers, not running around the mall and being obnoxious like most kids her age.

Still, that's what she is: a kid.

And that's why a whole lot of people are pretty uncomfortable with a new photo she shared on Instagram.

Here's the pic in question:

Kaia Gerber Racy Pic

As you can see, Kaia is only wearing a robe draped off her shoulders, and she's clutching it in the front instead of, you know, wearing it like it's meant to be worn.

(Robes aren't that difficult to operate, friends.)

She captioned the photo "uniform," which we're sure means something to her.

But judging by her pose, it's clear she's trying to be at least a little provocative.

And that's weird.

"Beautiful but I think too young for this," one person commented on the photo "Speaking only from the perspective as a mom. Surprised your parents are on board with this seductive picture."

Kaia Gerber Benefit Pic

Another concerned parent (not one of Kaia's) wrote "If my 15 yr old posted his, model or not a model I would kill her. This just makes me sad."

Kaia's own mother got slammed for the photo, too.

"You're too damn young to be taking such a suggestive photo," wrote one outraged follower. "Then again this isn't shocking seeing as the lengths your mom goes to have you make it in the industry."

Her own fans even had some not-so-positive remarks to make -- that's how inappropriate some people found the photo to be.

"Don't turn into one of those girls," one such fan advised her. "You're too good for that. Stay beautiful inside and outside."

Another said "Ffs I like her but she's only 15. Put on a bra and shirt, girl. I wouldn't care if you wouldn't be so young. Wait a few years before posting pics like that."

Kaia Gerber Photo

And that's only a small example of the kind of criticism she's getting.

But, luckily for Kaia, not every comment was negative. She actually had a lot of people defending her choice to share such a scandalous photo.

"Everyone needs to chill. It's no that serious. Let her do whatever she wants," one person told the haters.

"What is wrong with showing shoulders?" another asked. "Damn y'all a new level of hate and stupidity."

One person even thanked her for "showing us how to be proud of our bodies," and told her that she's "a great example of girl power, killing it as always."

Do you think she crossed a line with her photo?

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