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I’m tired of giving people something to talk about, you know?

They should be talking about how I’m the baddest motherf-cker on the stage instead of I’m the baddest motherf-ckler in the courtroom.

So Chris Brown says in the opening moments of his new documentary, “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life.”

Chris Brown at Premiere

The 90-minute film played across the nation on Thursday night only and will be available for preorder on iTunes on Friday, June 9.

It will then be released on August 8 to 100 different different transactional pay-per-view outlets, according to producer Andrew Listermann of Riveting Entertainment.

Those are the technical details.

But the details regarding what Brown has to say in the documentary are far more interesting, especially when it comes to Rihanna.

FIRST, Brown says he and Rihanna started just hanging out casually when they were teenagers. She didn’t take him very seriously when he said he liked her and wanted to be her boyfriend.

So Brown dropped the Love Bomb on his fellow singer and that’s when they started dating.

Chris Brown with Royalty

SECOND, the stars were already dating when they performed their iconic duet at the 2007 Video Music Awards.

It was after this critically-acclaimed (i.e. HAWT!) set that the couple went public with its romance.

THIRD, Brown admits that he felt so strongly about Rihanna early on that he thought about proposing.

FOURTH, the seed for his eventual violent altercation with Rihanna was planted several weeks prior to the awful incident, after he finally admitted that he used to sleep with a certain ex-co-worker.

Rihanna had badgered Brown about this unnamed woman for awhile and then he finally admitted that he had a sexual history with her.

FIFTH, on the night of the intense argument, at the 2009 Clive Davis Grammy party, this former lover actually stopped by Brown and Rihanna’s table to say hello.

Brown says that Rihanna grew very upset as a result and the two left in his Lamborghini.

He let his girlfriend go through his phone in order to prove he wasn’t keeping any secrets… only she did come across an opened text from this woman.

That text informed Brown she’d be at the aforementioned party.

At some point in the intense argument, Brown punched Rihanna in the face, bloodying her lip.

She grabbed his penis and he bit her arm. She scratched his CDs and yelled that someone was trying to kill her.

With the car pulled over at this point, a neighbor overheard and called the police.

Chris Brown Soaks in Applause

Incredibly, to this day, Rihanna still has contact with Brown.

Heck, there’s been talk that the stars are dating again.

For his SIXTH admission, Brown says in his documentary that things had been physical between he and Rihanna before this major blowout.

He says each attacked the other at various times and they had to make excuses in public for why they had bruises.

SEVENTH, Brown says he tried calling Rihanna on numerous occasions after their first break-up, but she told him to go away.

He finally accepted things were over and that’s when he started dating Karrueche Tran, although he was still in love with Rihanna at the time.

Rihanna is Gorgeous

Brown and Tran, of course, would go on to have their own contentious relationship, one that sort of continues to this day.

She has sought a restraining order against the singer and alleged physical and mental harassment (he hasn’t been arrested for any of it).

It’s all a long, complicated, shocking and sordid story, the life of Chris Brown, but we’re left with one conclusion:

He really sucks as a human being.

Watch the trailer for his documentary above and hit the comments below to discuss your take on this situation.