Bill Cosby: Supported in Court By Real, TV Wives For Whatever Reason

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Bill Cosby's trial began today, for only one of the more than fifty sexual assaults of which he has been accused.

Many would say that anyone still standing with him is either delusional ... or stands to lose something.

Well, right now he's believed to have two avid supporters in the form of his "wives" -- the one from real life and from television.

Bill Cosby on Way to Court

Camille Cosby has been his actual, real life wife for 53 years. She's reportedly been unwavering in her support of and belief in him.

Phylicia Rashad, who played his character's wife on The Cosby Show, is apparently also a believer in his innocence.

Both women have been expected to stand by Cosby's side through the trial.

Bill Cosby Mug Shot

Notably, of the other members of the Cosby cast, the women who played his daughters on television have been tight-lipped. 

That could mean anything from not wanting to get involved -- either for or against him -- to being somehow involved with the story themselves and not wanting that exposed.

As much as we wish that everyone who knows anything could just come forward, we can absolutely understand why some people wouldn't want to become involved.

After seeing the sort of treatment that Amber Heard's received from Johnny Depp's fans since last year, it's pretty clear that anyone opposing a celebrity is going to have to deal with a very passionate fanbase.

Few celebrities have had so many decades to make a positive impression on the world before the accusations against them became common knowledge.

But, at the same time, few face accusations from 58 alleged victims.

Bill Cosby in Action

It's understandable, if alarming, that people close to Cosby might still support him, despite having more than 50 accusers.

Sometimes it's easier to believe in elaborate conspiracy theories than to see the worst in a loved one.

Cosby himself has enjoyed accusing his accusers of racism, which might not make sense, but it doesn't have to.

There are always going to be people looking for any excuse to believe in his innocence.

They don't need to be people who know him personally.

Some people can't reconcile a serial predator with the man they saw on a groundbreaking sitcom.

Or with the man they saw on jello commercials as a child.

The power of being a celebrity is far-reaching and leaves lifelong impressions.

Bill Cosby Interview Pic

Beyond the conspiracy theorists, Cosby has also enjoyed the support of mentally unstable celebrities.

Even that kind of endorsement could work in his favor with certain parties.

The only thing that ultimately matters for this case, however, is what the jury believes.

If the attorneys and judge did their jobs during Voir Dire, the jury shouldn't be stacked with "truthers" or with anyone who's already out for blood.

Bill Cosby Pic

Cosby could face as much as 10 years for the 2004 assault.

In about two weeks, we'll see what the court decides.

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