Amber Portwood to Matt Baier: We Are NEVER Getting Married!

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Over the weekend, Amber Portwood confirmed that she recently dumped Matt Baier during a surprisingly candid Instagram livestream.

Amber was limited in how much she was able to say due to restrictions in her contract with MTV, but the message she sent was pretty clear:

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood Photo

Mamber is a thing of the past.

We knew that Portwood had called off the wedding she and Baier were planning, but the livestream was the first indication that the couple is officially dunz-o.

The most common theory as to why Matt and Amber called it quits is that Baier failed a lie detector test in which he was questioned about being unfaithful to Portwood.

But now it looks like that may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, Amber had numerous reasons to kick her troublemaking fiance to the curb.

A previously unreleased clip from Teen Mom: OG shows Amber informing Matt that she's had enough during a disastrous trip to Las Vegas.

Portwood, Baier

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that Matt decided on a whim that he and Amber should get hitched during their time in Sin City.

She nixed the idea, stating that she wanted her daughter and brother on hand for the occasion, and Matt lost it.

At one point, he told producers that he was so angry he decided he no longer wants to marry Amber.

The next morning, clearly suffering from a particularly remorse-laden rage hangover, Matt approached Amber with his tail between his legs.

And she was not having his apology even a little bit:

“I’m really sorry about last night. Do you forgive me?” Baier asked in the clip.

Matt Baier with Amber

“You’re sorry every other f--king week!” Portwood shots back.

It was then that the tables turned, and Matt began begging Amber to give him another chance:

“Do you mean that? You’re not going to marry me?” he asked. “Baby come on I’m sorry. I made one mistake.”

“You’ve made more than one f--king mistake. I’m not doing it," Amber replied.

Wow, Matt. It's almost like you shouldn't have publicly flipped out on your girlfriend and told the whole world you don't want to marry her.

That type of stuff will make someone not want to marry you.

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