The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 8 Recap: Did Tom Cheat on LuAnn?

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Did the ladies find more evidence that Tom D'Agostino was cheating on LuAnn De Lesseps?

That was one of the more pressing questions on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 9 when new information appeared to be falling from the trees. 

When the episode got underway, Bethenny Frankel was meeting up with Fredrick Eklund. Yes, the dude Bethenny is launching a reality TV show with about flipping houses. 

The pair discussed the way in which they were going to sell her apartment. Things got hilarious when Fredrick claimed Bethenny's home was filled with clutter and that is not a good look when it comes to selling. 

The price, however, was agreed to be $5.25 million. Hey, it's not every day you're selling your multi-million dollar apartment and getting the price you want. 

Carole Radziwill Image

Meanwhile, Carole and Ramona continued to fish for information about Tom's infidelity, and it paved the way for them to go on one of the most shocking missions in reality TV history: Looking for more ways to piss LuAnn off.

Carole was quick to point out the revelation that LuAnn was having second thoughts about the relationship because of all the crap she was hearing about the man she was about to marry. 

Ramona claimed that another woman had texted her, claiming that Tom groped her and was being very inappropriate with her. This was music to Carole's ears, and only made her more intrigued by the notion that she could get revenge on Tom. 

Ramona Singer in Black

"He's so insecure and grasps at anything for attention," Ramona read from the text. 

"Are we bad friends if we tell her or are we bad friends if we don't tell her?" Carole asked. Um, we at The Hollywood Gossip agree that there's something sketchy with Tom. 

As much as we like our reality TV to be filled with controversy and drama, we think these two women may be on to something with Tom. 

It can't be a coincidence that all these women keep coming forward. Unless, of course, the producers are the ones giving the ladies the Intel. 

That would be bad. 

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Despite all of the drama between the women, everyone made their way back to the Berkshires to celebrate the holidays and host Dorinda's epic birthday bash. 

While Dorinda was trying to keep the peace, Sonja continued to trash Tinsley for the way she was treating her and felt like she was a D-bag for no reason. 

Carole and Bethenny started comparing notes on Tom, wondering what the heck he could have been up to. 

"Looks like Tom is dipping his stick in the fun dip again!" Bethenny said to the camera with a grin. 

Bethenny Frankel Dazzles at Gala

The ladies then informed Dorinda about the drama, but she did not understand how it was possible. 

Dorinda turned to LuAnn to say the ladies were still trying to find flaws in her relationship. 

Dorinda questioned whether LuAnn really trusted her man. 

"I totally trust him, 100 percent," Luann said. "I feel amazing. I know when it's right."

Dorinda decided to drop it. 

LuAnn de Lesseps Attends School of Visual Arts presents Language Of Fashion

"I'm totally, 100 percent sure about Tom and that's all that matters," Luann said.

Um, alright then. 

Do you think LuAnn knows something is going on?

Sound off below. 

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