Kourtney Kardashian: Having Secret Hotel Hookups with Younes Bendjima?!

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Kourtney Kardashian has been seeing very beautiful model Younes Bendjima for several months now.


Kourtney Kardashian, No Bra

We first heard rumors of Kourtney getting with Younes back in November, but we've learned that they were partying together the night Kim Kardashian was robbed, which happened in early October.

After the initial reports, we didn't hear much about this Younes until earlier this month, when he and Kourtney were photographed going to lunch together.

So what's up with this couple? Are they even a couple? Perhaps they're just a couple of horny pretty people?

Thanks to a loose-lipped source who spoke with E! News, we may finally have an answer.

The source claims that Kourtney and Younes spent some time together at the Hotel Bel Air in L.A. on Wednesday night -- and that this is a frequent occurrence for them.

Nice Abs!

The routine, it seems, is for the two of them to stay away from any populated areas like the bar or the lobby, and instead to just get right to business in a private room.

Their hotel rendezvous allegedly began shortly after Kim's robbery -- the source says that "He was really helpful and supportive during that time."

"Kourtney really likes him and will text him to meet up whenever she has time without her kids."

"It's been casual," the source added, "but they are really getting to know each other and having fun."

Younes Bendjima Image

So he stepped up after the robbery in October, so since then Kourtney hollers at him when she has some free time and they meet up at a hotel?

Sounds pretty discreet. And also pretty titillating.

Oh, and also it sounds like the same thing she did with Justin Bieber back in the day.

But hey, Kourtney is a single woman, she's not doing anything wrong by hooking up with younger men in hotels. Good for her, really.

It's not like she needs anyone's approval anyway.

Underboob Showing!

Scott Disick has reportedly been devastated by her relationship with Younes, so much that he's been drinking heavily again, on yet another downward spiral.

But still, a source has said that "Kourtney doesn't care what he thinks. She thinks he is the last person who should have opinions about who she is dating."

So if she doesn't care about the opinion of her former partner of over ten years, the father of her three children ... it's probably safe to say that she doesn't care about anyone else's opinion, either.

You get yours, Kourtney.

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