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From the time the world learned that Meghan Markle is dating Prince Harry, the actress has been subjected to relentless scrutiny of her personal life.

One reason, of course, is the fact that Meghan is dating one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, and there’s a certain elevation in visibility that comes with such a relationship.

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But there are those who believe that there’s more going on here than the tabloid press simply placing Harry’s new girlfriend under a microscope for the sole reason that she’s Harry’s new girlfriend.

From the moment she entered the spotlight, there were rumblings about Meghan’s past, particularly with regard to her family.

Meghan’s half-sister has spoken out about their relationship, claiming they parted ways years ago, in large part due to the actress’ narcissistic, social-climbing ways.

Over the past few weeks, Samantha Markle has taken to calling Meghan out on social media, alleging that her recent, highly-publicized humanitarian work is nothing more than a publicity stuns.

"It’s about basic human consideration. She has none. What has she donated to India? Talk is cheap," Samantha tweeted recently.

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"People who are starving and too poor to afford sanitary napkins don’t need a voice they need money and they need donations."

Unfortunately for Meghan, it seems her sister has no intention of holding off on publicly discussing their damaged relationship.

In fact, it appears she’s just getting warmed up.

This week, Samantha announced a deal to publish a memoir with the working title of The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

We’re guessing the book’s portrayal of Meghan (aka Princess Pushy) is less than flattering.

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Meghan has a lot of haters on social media, but she also has a lot of defenders, and Samantha has been taking flak for trash-talking her sister out of jealousy.

The elder Markle sister has been firing back at her critics, claiming that envy has nothing to do with it:

"My book deals with very important social issues and it has nothing to do with jealousy," she tweeted yesterday.

If that’s really the case, Samantha might want to workshop that title.

The phrase "Princess Pushy" doesn’t exactly bring to mind an ultra-woke treatise on Third World social justice issues.