Jennifer Garner: Did She Leave Ben Affleck Because He Never Finished Rehab?

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Last week, the world learned that Jennifer Garner had filed for divorce from Ben Affleck.

The news came as a surprise for several reasons:

For starters, Ben and Jen had been separated for over a year with no apparent plans to end their marriage.

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck in Los Angeles

On top of that, Ben recently entered rehab for alcohol addiction, seemingly as part of his effort to win his wife back.

Now, however, there are questions as to whether or not Affleck actually completed his course of treatment.

According to his own timeline, Affleck only stayed at the facility for two weeks.

Generally, rehab counselors recommend a minimum of four weeks of treatment, and in the cases of those who have the time and money (such as celebrities) they suggest a much longer stay.

Many now believe it's no coincidence that Ben's stint was so short and Jen filed so soon after.

Affleck and Garner

As with seemingly everything related to Ben and Jen, however, there are two conflicting sides to the story:

“She’s telling friends she believes he left rehab too soon,” a source tells In Touch.

“But he refused to stay in rehab, saying he missed the family and would continue outpatient treatment. Jen believes he was coming up with excuses.” 

Not surprisingly, People magazine - the official publication of PR teams everywhere - offers a different take, claiming there was no particular reason why Jen filed when she did.

In fact, an insider tells the magazine that Jen initially planned to file sooner, but wanted to wait until Ben was through with rehab.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner leave Tavern in Brentwood

“Jen waited for the right time,” the source claims.

“She wasn’t going to file for divorce while Ben was struggling. She is very proud of him for getting help.”

The source adds:

“It was just time. There was no catalyst ... As in any marriage, there were numerous reasons why it didn’t work.”

Currently, Ben lives in a guest house on the property where he once lived with Jen.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Tense Times at Pacific Palisades Farmers Market

Interestingly, it seems there are no immediate plans for the Oscar winner to relocate:

“When and if he moves out, it will be when he finds a place suitable for their situation,” says the source close to the couple.

“They want to keep the kids close.”

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