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Dorothy Mengering, the beloved mother of David Letterman who became a star in her own right due to many memorable cameos on her son’s talk show, has passed away.

She was 95 years old.

Dorothy Mengering
Photo via CBS

A representative for Letterman confirmed this sad piece of news to Entertainment Weekly and other outlets.

Over the many years The Late Show aired on CBS, Letterman would often ask his mother to serve as a correspondent of some kind.

Simply as “Dave’s mom” to loyal viewers, Mengering was charming and funny, exhibiting a clear bond with her notoriously private son every time she made an appearance. 

Mengering occasionally read some of Letterman’s iconic Top 10 Lists, filed segments from the kitchen of her Indiana residence and even reported from the Olympics in 1994, 1998 and 2002.

In 1996, Mengering published a cookbook, "Home Cookin’ with Dave’s Mom," written with Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle.

Speaking to The New York Times about the tome and her burgeoning small screen stardom, Dorothy said at the time:

‘“I couldn’t believe how it all took off. I think it’s about the idea of mom and of a family. People are eager for families to be like they used to be.

"Even though there are lots of working moms and single-parent families now, you can still be a family in spite of the size and form it takes."

David Letterman's Mom
Photo via CBS

Mengering also humanized Letterman, a comedian often known for his acerbic and sarcastic personality.

It was obvious just how much he loved his mother every time she stopped by his late-night program.

Fans will never forget segments in which Dorothy had her son guess what sort of pie she had baked for Thanksgiving.

"As long as David was home, I would make him a chocolate chiffon pie for his birthday," Mengering told IndyStar in 2001, thinking back to the star’s childhood and adding:

"We just put the candles on top of the pie."

Prior to Letterman’s retirement in May of 2015, the host shared a Mother’s Day highlight reel featuring Mengering.

She was seen in the video baking with rock star John Mellencamp and promoting the power of Old Milwaukee beer.

Dorothy Mengering Photo
Photo via CBS

Dorothy’s husband, and David’s father, passed away in 1973.

She proceeded to work as a church secretary into the 1980s and married Hans Mengering in 1983; he died in 2013.

Mengering is survived by her three children, five grandchildren and her sister.

Upon hearing about Dorothy’s passing, new Late Show host Stephen Colbert Tweeted his condolences to his legendary predecessor. 

"I’m so sorry to hear of Dorothy Mengering’s death, and so grateful that Dave shared her with us," Colbert wrote.

We echo this sentiment and send our best wishes to Letterman, his family, friends and loved ones during this difficult time.