Scandal Shocker: Who May Be Dead?!?

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By the lofty, suspenseful, bat $hit crazy and awesome standards set by Shonda Rhimes, Scandal Season 6 has been somewhat of a disappointment.

Up until last night, the first half of this latest run could mostly be summed up by one sentence:

Rowan killed Frankie Vargas.

Aside from that development, nothing has really stood out on what has long been considered the most twisty and turny show on television.

Olivia on Season 6

But then the final minute of Scandal Season 6 Episode 7 aired.

And our jaws have remained on the floor ever since, having dropped completely at the hour's stunning conclusion.

As the build up to this cliffhanger, we witnessed Huck get close to Phoebe Neidhart's Meg, the friend of Jennifer Fields, who was just revealed last week to still be alive.

Meg demanded answers about her friend's supposed death, specifically pushing for Olivia to assist her and asking all kinds of questions about the heroine of Huck.

Following some hot and heavy floor sex, Huck attempted to shut this problem down by introducing Meg to Jennifer Fields, who, of course, isn't actually dead.

Problem solved, right?

It appears to be when Jennifer seemed psyched to see her friend... until Meg took out a gun and shot her in the chest.

Abby on Scandal

From there, the episode leaped ahead to Meg having a sit-down with Abby in a park.

"Is it done?" Abby asked, as viewers wondered whether she could truly be the traitor.

After hearing the confirmation of Jennifer's murder, Abby went ahead and really made us gasp with her follow-up and inquiry:

"And Huck?"

Ummm.... WHAT?!? Huh? Say it isn't so, Abby! Please!

The action then cut back to that hotel room Jennifer had been hiding out in, with Meg turning her weapon on Huck and shooting him directly in the chest. Numerous times. 

"Don't worry, Ms. Wheelan. He'll have no idea you were part of this," Meg told Abby at the park.

Olivia Pope Picture

Is that because Huck is dead? For real?

It wouldn't shock us is the character was wearing a bulletproof vest, but it also wouldn't totally shock us if he's gone forever.

It's been awhile since Scandal featured a major death.

Huck, of course, was on a mission from Olivia to kill her dad and learned in the process that Rowan was told to kill Frankie by someone who threatened a person close to him.

Moreover, this same individual had planted a mole by Olivia's side who possessed the power to "say the word, and she's dead."

Could this really be Abby? The series clearly wants us to believe it is right now.

All we know for certain is that you better stop what you're doing and watch Scandal online if you somehow missed this show-altering episode.

Did we say "show-altering?" We meant "life-altering."

While we ponder the two major storylines to come out of Scandal Season 6 Episode 7, we want to hear from viewers and readers.

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